The new TELEVISION building, it is already delayed

68bba1637f122203c7bc8fd7551aa5d2 - The new TELEVISION building, it is already delayed

In 2013, opted for the belgian to a new building to be constructed on the site of the VRT channel on the Bd, in Brussels, belgium. In the beginning of 2016, made public service broadcasting and announced that they should go ahead with the joint venture of around Robbrecht en Daem Architecten and Dierendonckblancke Architects of the new TELEVISION building’s design. The work would be within the next year is supposed to start by the end of 2021, would be the TELEVISION and for staff of the studios are moving into the new building. Monday, the VRT announced that its co-operation with the existing team, say, because of the cost of the building is too high up. High costs were partly due to the fact that the contractors will raise their prices for building projects in Brussels, belgium, in part because of the costs of the traffic jams are seriously injured. Building in Brussels, it would also be more expensive because of the more stringent energy standards.

So, it’s back to square one and have to something else to be done. It is unlikely that the personnel of the VRT for the next five years will be allowed to move, or it could be an internal move should be. The new building would be a maximum of 150 million euros, may be cost and it would be behind the existing building of the public broadcaster is to come. If the ground is really the ground, it is not for sure. May be it will still be several years away.