The & Axel, crossing the cuisine of Lebanon

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After Thailand, Mexico, India, and Norway-to pursue Sergio, Axel Daeseleire, on Wednesday, november 6, in the non-tourist trail in Poland. The country is, for many, is not right at the top of the list of favourite holiday destinations, but it has to be one of the most well-known cuisines of the Middle East and so on. The kruidenweelde, and a wide selection of garden-fresh vegetables will inspire the chef right away. But it keeps the enthusiasm up when the men at the breakfast schapentestikels and “schapenkontvet” thrown at them?

Luckily, kent, Lebanon and many other dishes. Such as Sfiha Baalbakiye”, a local kind of a worstenbroodje that it is not ready for the market. If you like to experience first flesh to go out and buy the corn for the local bakery to make it. The result, according to The to the thumb-and-finger-licking good. “Can you imagine, you’ll be in Antwerp for a worstenbroodje to first go to a butcher to have it and then the two houses will proceed to the place. I love corn dogs, at Night I put it past a gas station and buy myself just such a trite, vulgar sausage roll. If you spend all day with your hands on the special stuff and top quality products is working, then keep to the simple things.”

The and Success by their guide, and Bethany is also a 100-year-old farm deep in the mountains, where they own the sheep are allowed to be milked, and The best cheese ever taste. In order to make their destination is to get to the hotel must be in the trio of the road, and that carries risks. Especially when they see an abandoned cannabisveld away. “Our hope is that we will come before sunset, as this is not a job where you are in the dark as to drive away”, says the guide.