Ajax, thanks to Promes early on the 1-2-gap at Chelsea

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Ajax, thanks to Promes early on the 1-2-gap at Chelsea

05 nov 2019 18:48
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In the group stage of the Champions League are on Tuesday, eight races on the program. At 21: 00, it is under The Ajax is started. Follow our liveblog.

Good evening and welcome to our Champions League liveblog! My name is Rob Hirschmann, and together with my colleague, Patrick, and Mother, I love you, tonight, at the height of the development at the European championships.

  • LIVE:
  • The. Ajax (1-3)

  • The Valencia-Lille (0-1)
  • Liverpool, Genk (1-0)
  • Rome-Salzburg (0-1)
  • Lyon-Benfica (2-0)
  • Dortmund, Germany-Inter (0-2)

  • Results:
  • Barcelona-Slavia 0-0
  • Zenith-RB Leipzig 0-2

The Ajax and · * * * a couple of seconds, geledenHet lunatic, the third Ajax goal of the image.

IMPOSSIBLE! What a WORLD-a GOAL from Hakim Ziyech! ☄️
#CHEAJA 1-3! 🔥
#UCL #veronicainside


AuteurVeronica InsideMoment of plaatsen21:39 am – november 5, 2019Borussia Germany, the Inter · * * * a few seconds ago, the40′ GOAL for Inter! 0 to 2

Matias Vecino puts the team at 2-0.Olympique Lyon-Benfica · 2 hours ago

Memphis Depay is having a very strong range for Olympique Lyon in the Champions League. He scored in the fourth duel in a row. This is the second Lyon player, who will do it, since Now they’re back, Anderson did so in 2002.Chelsea and Ajax · 3-minute geleden36,’ The third Ajax goal, they will not be in the name of Ziyech, but it was an own goal by goalkeeper Kepa. The final item on the attempt to get the ball out of the goal, but hit the ball completely wrong. It was the second own-goal already in this game.Chelsea and Ajax · 6 minutes ago,35 minutes GOAL, and Ajax. 1-3

What an insane goal from Hakim Ziyech! The Moroccan international is to shoot with a free-kick from the left-hand side from an impossible angle into the goal and put Ajax at 1-3.Chelsea and Ajax · a 7-minute geleden33 Blind gets a yellow, but this does have a dangerous attack from Chelsea. This is the second print of the game, because you just got Veltman is also all yellow.Olympique Lyon-Benfica · 8 minutes ago –33′ GOAL in Olympique Lyon’s! 2-0

Memphis Depay is doing it!!! He’s shooting the ball at one time from a cross by Houssem Anouar.Chelsea and Ajax · is a 9-minute geleden32′ Pulisic in hot pursuit of a free-kick in the penalty area in the hope that there will be a head of the Chelsea encounter. The goalkeeper Onana responds quickly and plucks the ball out of the air.The Ajax in 10 minutes geledenDe the second goal of Promes is in the picture.

#CHEAJA 1-2! ⚡️
#UCL #veronicainside


AuteurVeronica InsideMoment of plaatsen21:22 – november 5, 2019Liverpool-Genk · 10 hours ago

Virgil van Dijk and Georginio Wijnaldum celebrating with the goal scorer of the latter, in a characteristic manner.Chelsea and Ajax · 12 hours ago

Chelsea took until the evening of the Champions League at Stamford Bridge-never had two of the goals in the next twenty minutes.Uefa Champions League · 12-minute geledenHet the first half-hour has been very productive in the League. In all of these, which is at 21: 00 started, is to have at least a single time it arrived.Chelsea and Ajax · is a 14-minute geleden27′, And when it does, it is almost 1-3! Ziyech there is a free-kick in the penalty area, and Tammy Abraham, and blasts the ball almost back into the own goal.The Valencia-Lille, 15 minutes ago,a 25′ GOAL in Lille! From 0 to 1

Victor Omsimhen with the benefit of a massive and more losing to Valencia, and shoot the ball, decisive in.Chelsea and Ajax · is a 16-minute geledenQuincy Promes to do it in the Champions League was better at Ajax than at his previous club, Spartak Moscow. He makes it his third in four matches. With Spartak, he scored twice in five matches.Chelsea and Ajax · 16 hours ago

The first Ajax goal from Promes has been changed to an own goal by Tammy Abraham. The goal is that after 1 minute, 49 seconds was the second fastest Ajax goal scorer ever in the uefa Champions League. Just as Andy van der Meijde know, on march 19, 2003, on a visit to Roma’s faster to get points. Following his departure to chelsea was when, after the 37 seconds was spot-on.Chelsea and Ajax · is a 20-minute geleden21′ and he does it all. Ajax is a brilliant header of the Promes, from a beautiful cross from Ziyech, on a 1-2 lead.Chelsea and Ajax · 21 minutes ago itis a 20′ GOAL, and Ajax. 1-2

Quincy Promes is the headline in Ajax, on at 1-2! However, he is not offside? The value is going to be there in any case to the watch..Borussia Dortmund-Inter – · 23-geledenAls He had missed, he is now Lukaku can show. He was, however, very handsome self!

‘GOAL!’ Inter the lead in Dortmund, germany! Who does it all by itself!!!
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AuteurZiggo Sports VoetbalMoment of plaatsen21:15 – november 5, 2019Liverpool-Genk · 26 minutes ago itis a 15′ GOAL to Liverpool. 1-0

Georginio Wijnaldum to shoot close up pretty for Liverpool.Chelsea and Ajax · a 26-minute geleden15′, And, on the other hand, Tadic and immediately dangerous. The Serb pulls out and shoots just over.Rome-Salzburg · a 27-minute geledenDat, it is a very, very, very nice list of what Haland now. He is making his seventh Champions League goal in his fourth game.

🚀 – Most goals in the first 4 to #UCL matches
7 – Erling Braut Håland (+1)
5 – Thierry Henry
5 – Ivan Klasnic
5 – Diego Costa
5 – Didier Drogba
#NAPSAL #KönigsCLasse


AuteurGracenote LiveMoment of plaatsen21:13 – november 5, 2019Chelsea, But · 28 minutes ago ofa 14′ GOAL to the Chelsea frowned upon!

Ajax takes a sigh of relief. Abraham may have been one of Onana and scoring, but the Englishman is offside.Chelsea and Ajax · 29 minutes ago

So, it’s time to take a breather in London. What a fantastic start! By the successes of the Promes, and Jorginho, there is, within five minutes, all in a 1-to-1-position on the leaderboard.Rome-Salzburg · 29 minutes ago,11 and a GOAL for Salzburg! From 0 to 1.

Who else but Erling Braut Haland, with the 0 to 1! The young striker shoots a penalty kick to be inside.Chelsea and Ajax · a 32-minute geledenZo, open Ajax with the score, but soon it will be a goal of Promes, therefore, eliminated.

#CHEAJA from 0 to 1! 💥
#ucl #veronicainside


AuteurVeronica InsideMoment of plaatsen21:06 am – november 5, 2019Borussia Dortmund-Inter · 32 minutes ago,at 5′ GOAL for Inter! From 0 to 1
He let Burki after a great loopactie won’t stand a chance with a shot into the upper right-hand corner!Olympique Lyon-Benfica · 34 minutes ago itwas 4: GOAL Olympique Lyon! 1-0

Joachim Andersen was a headline after a great cross from Leo Dubois.Chelsea and Ajax · 36 minutes ago, toa 5′ GOAL from Chelsea! 1-to-1

Jorginho does not have the right-hand corner, touch it and see Onana to the other side of scuba diving. It is almost the same. What a weird opening!Chelsea and Ajax · 38 minutes ago there are4′ free Kick to Chelsea!

Veltman commits a violation of the law and will see the referee Rocchi to move into the dot and a point. The home team shall take a penalty to take.Chelsea and Ajax · 39 minutes ago the2′ GOAL and Ajax. From 0 to 1

Ajax takes the lead at Stamford Bridge. Promes get the shot from a free-kick and opened the score.Chelsea and Ajax · a 40-minute geleden1 Box will kick off at Stamford Bridge. The game is on the way.Chelsea and Ajax · 41 minutes ago

Hawthorn suites by wyndham, the Mount has played two times against Ajax and won two matches. With a Sprint, he defeated the inhabitants of Amsterdam on the 4th of march 2018, with a 3-2. Last month, the Dutch soccer legend Johan Cruyff, ArenA, with Chelsea too strong for Ajax amsterdam (0-1).The Ajax one-hour geledenDe the players enter the field at Stamford Bridge. The Ajax is about to begin.FC Barcelona-Slavia Prague, one hour ago

RB Leipzig, picks up a deserved win for Zenit.
RB Leipzig will do great things in the group G. The Germans to win a deserved 2-0 by FC Zenit, and after four matches out of nine points. Zenit with four points in the second, but Olympique Lyon have four points and Benfica with three games still to each other.FC Barcelona-Slavia Prague, one hour ago

FC Barcelona do not get along, Slavia Prague
A medium FC Barcelona is home to not more than a 0-0-tie against Slavia Prague, that is situated definitely not when. Frenkie de Jong will play the entire game with it, but it may have been to stamp it with the Catalans. Barcelona continues to be a leader in the group F. FC Barcelona-Slavia Prague-four-hour geleden90+2′ great action, stopped in his tracks, but not the goal! Vidal goes down in the penalty area, but it is not a penalty.FC Barcelona-Slavia Prague-four-hour geleden90, ” The Young are considerably destroyed, but no free-kick is involved.The Ajax one from an hour ago

The stand-in for the hockey year will be subject to prior to the game for tonight is as follows:

  1. Chelsea-3 to 6 (+1)
  2. Ajax-3 to 6 (+5)
  3. Valencia 3-4 (-2)
  4. Lille 3-1 (-4)

The Ajax one from an hour ago

“David Neres, we talk of power,” says the Ajax coach Erik ten Hag in the Veronica mars. “With the Mazraoui, we will bring the length of the team, we are growing in our home must be defended. With Dusan Tadic and Neres, we hope to have an area that we’re going to have to use it. Hakim Ziyech will start as a number ten. He is the perfect initiator. Chelsea hedges, often not from the heart, and thereby, we hope, between the lines, to be able to play it.”FC Barcelona-Slavia Prague-four-hour geleden83′ Rakitic with a shot high over it. It was Barcelona’s better to play.FC Barcelona-Slavia Prague-four-hour geleden80′, ten minutes of official playing time. FC Barcelona will try to do it well, but it lacks creativity. On the other hand, dig, Slavia are still not in and a a from 0 to 1 is not impossible.The Ajax one from an hour ago

The keepers begin their warm-up at Stamford Bridge.FC Barcelona-Slavia Prague-four-hour geleden78 Again Kolár with a good-looking accident. Messi has the ball and hitting it, but the keeper is in the way.The Valencia-Lille, one day ago

And, with Valencia, Lille and defend Jasper Cillessen in the goal, from the Spanish.

Valencia: Cillessen; Wass, Gabriel Paulista, Garay, Gayà; Kang, In, Kondogbia, Parejo, Good; Man, Maxi Gomez.

Lille Maignan; Çelik, Soumaoro, Jose Fonte, Bradarić; Gabriel; Yazıcı, André, Soumaré; Lake, Osimhen.The Ajax one from an hour ago

At Chelsea, is the former Vitesse midfielder, Mason, Mount, like, two weeks ago, the Dutch soccer legend Johan Cruyff did for the base. The only change from that game is that it’s in the form of being Christian Pulisic in the attack, and Callum Hudson-Odoi is a development this year and wanting to.

Chelsea: Kepa; Azpilicueta, Zouma, Tomori, Alonso; Kovacic, Jorginho, Mt; William, Abraham, Pulisic.Naples-Red Bull Salzburg, one hour ago

In Group E, will be a frontrunner This number, three for Salzburg and visit. The line-ups:

Rome: Di Lorenzo, A, Maksimovic, Koulibaly, Mario Rui; Callejón, Fabián Ruiz, Zielinki, Badge; Lozano, Will.

Red Bull Salzburg: Top; Kristensen, Onguéné, Wöber, Ulm; Pongracic, Junuzović; Minamino, Szoboszlai, Hwang; Haland.FC Barcelona-Slavia Prague, one hour ago

A well-known situation for Both Sides. Several opponents try and hit the ball to get it. For the time being, the Former is the most dangerous guy on the team, but he’s not successful.FC Barcelona-Slavia Prague-four-hour geleden68′ Home bring Ivan Rakitic in the box for Sergio Busquets. The Croatian is still something to force it to be that?Back to top

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