Ajax amsterdam to see Chelsea come back to 2-4 in the second half

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Ajax amsterdam to see Chelsea come back to 2-4 in the second half

05 nov 2019 18:48
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In the group stage of the Champions League are on Tuesday, eight races on the program. At 21: 00, it is under The Ajax is started. Follow our liveblog.

Good evening and welcome to our Champions League liveblog! My name is Rob Hirschmann, and together with my colleague, Patrick, and Mother, I love you, tonight, at the height of the development at the European championships.

  • LIVE:
  • Chelsea-Ajax (2-4)

  • The Valencia-Lille (0-1)
  • Liverpool, Genk (2-1), Which Is
  • Naples-Salzburg, 1-To-1)
  • Lyon-Benfica (2-0)
  • Dortmund, Germany-Inter (2-2)

  • Results:
  • Barcelona-Slavia 0-0
  • Zenith-RB Leipzig 0-2

The Ajax and · * * * a few seconds ago, the68′ free Kick to Chelsea and the reds and Ajax.The Ajax one minute geleden66′ Jorginho to crawl to Veltman past, and, almost with his second goal of the night. The Former will see its stake right next to the target and disappear. Ajax is coming up with a fright.Valencia-Lille-four hours ago64′ GOAL in Valencia, spain! 1-to-1
It is the same in the city. Daniel Parejo, who is at Ajax, another of eleven, feet across his lap, has been spot-on from the corner.Dortmund, germany-Inter – · 3 minutes ago –64′ GOAL in Dortmund! 2-2

Julian Burns at the end! He does stay on a cut off ball and shoot more!!Chelsea and Ajax · 3-minute geleden63′ and he does it all. And so it is with the 2-4 at Stamford Bridge. A wake-up call for the Locals.Chelsea and Ajax · 5 minutes ago –63′ GOAL in Chelsea! 2 to 4

Azpilicueta is ticking out of nowhere for the 2 to 4 more!! Or Spain-there are offside? The value is going to go to the edge of the box and look.Chelsea and Ajax · 5 minutes to geleden62′ is Not the most obvious violations of the Quincy Promes, who is on the society, totally unnecessary William cheating scandal. This gives the attacker a yellow card.Uefa Champions League · 7-minute geledenHet, it is a good night for the Dutch, as it scored no less than four fellow countrymen: Quincy Promes, Donny van de Beek, Memphis Depay and Georginio Wijnaldum. Thus, to equal the record set on november 2, 2005 has been set up by Mark van Bommel, Wesley Sneijder, Robin van Persie and Nigel de Jong. The record today is even more broken.Chelsea and Ajax · 8 hours ago

Chelsea at Stamford Bridge and have never been to a European game for more than a two goal difference loss.The Ajax in 10 minutes geleden58, ” A slip of Veltman, who hit the ball just at the feet of William’s playing. The Former seems to be also shy away from the opportunity, to shoot hard, in front of.The Ajax, 10 minutes ago

Donny van de Beek has been the first englishman who, in the four consecutive uitduels in the Champions League and scored. Earlier, he scored in the away games against his side’s win over Tottenham Hotspur and Valencia. It is also a clubrecord in the Year.Chelsea and Ajax · 13 minutes ago –55′ GOAL, and Ajax. 1-4

Donny van de Beek! Ajax-is it dangerous to be out in the second half of the table for the winner. Ziyech in hot pursuit of the ball in tight at the feet of the Creek. The scot takes on a perfect, confirm, and score in the far corner.Liverpool-Genk) · 14 hours ago53′ GOAL to Liverpool. 2-1

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain puts Liverpool back in the lead! Mo Salah will deliver the assist.Chelsea and Ajax · is a 15-minute geleden53, ” The blue storm will take on a life of chance for a Mark. The british traveller spends on his own in a duel of Onana off. Thanks to the excellent defensive work of both Veltman as the Onana, the aansluitingstreffer to avoid.Chelsea and Ajax · is a 16-minute geleden52 And a chance for the home side. Abraham, you can be free of headers, but the ball ends up in the hands of Onana.Dortmund, germany-Inter – · 16 minutes ago there are51′ GOAL in Dortmund! 1-2

The power is back in germany! Achraf Hakimi, receives the ball from Mario Götze, and hurry inside.Chelsea and Ajax · is a 17-minute geleden50′ Chelsea will come out of the locker room and on the hunt for 2 or 3. James may be in the penalty box is free to lash out, but he’ll hit on the chest by Tagliafico, on the.Chelsea and Ajax · a 21-minute drive geleden46′, Chelsea is very dangerous! Kurt Zouma gets towards the Ajax goal, trumps Amsterdam’s defense with a variety of exciting schaarbewegingen off, but they won’t, then.Chelsea and Ajax · is a 22-minute geleden46′ Reece James is replacing Marcos Alonso to win at Home. Ajax is in with the same eleven as in the first half of the field. We’re going to go to Stamford Bridge!Chelsea and Ajax · a 29-minute geledenAjax only takes one time to aim the shot, and two goals three times and scored. The Chelsea shot two more times between the posts, but has scored just once.Chelsea and Ajax · 33 minutes ago

Up until tonight, there were, in addition to Chelsea, only three teams in the League that has three or more goals, were able to make it at Stamford Bridge in the Champions League:

  • Liverpool (4-4 in 2009)
  • AS Roma 3-3 in 2017)
  • Atlético Madrid 1-3 2014)

Uefa Champions League · 36 minutes ago

It was quiet in the six Champions League matches, and there’s been quite a few times scored.

The recline positions:

  • The Ajax 1-3
  • The Valencia-Lille From 0 To 1
  • Liverpool-Genk – 1-To-1
  • Lyon-Benfica 2-0
  • Naples-Salzburg, 1-To-1
  • Dortmund, Germany-Inter 0-2

Chelsea and Ajax · 39 minutes ago


Ajax, after a brilliant first half in a 1-3-gap at Chelsea. Tammy Abraham (e).(d.), Quincy Promes and Kepa (e).(d.) note that the Amsterdam goals. In the fifth minute Jorginho, on behalf of his team from a penalty kick 1-to-1.Rome-Salzburg · 41 minutes ago,44′ GOAL, Right! 1-to-1

Hirving Lozano with a vital goal for his new club! The age-RANGE it travels a distance inside.Chelsea and Ajax · a 42-minute geleden42, like Chelsea, what’s more, it comes to Ajax and was quick. Neres like geschoffeld by the Tomori of, but Rocchi let it pass. The ball ends up at the Monument which is high on the target to shoot. Tomori will get to be in charge of the initial attack will still be a yellow card.Liverpool-Genk · 42 minutes ago,41′ GOAL is Think. 1-to-1

Mwbana Samatta and blasts it in from a corner kick by Bryan During your!Chelsea and Ajax · a 44-minute geledenHet lunatic, the third Ajax goal of the image.

IMPOSSIBLE! What a WORLD-a GOAL from Hakim Ziyech! ☄️
#CHEAJA 1-3! 🔥
#UCL #veronicainside


AuteurVeronica InsideMoment of plaatsen21:39 am – november 5, 2019Borussia Dortmund-Inter · 44 minutes ago –40′ GOAL for Inter! 0 to 2

Matias Vecino puts the team at 2-0. Antonio Candreva gives the assist.Olympique Lyon-Benfica-four hours ago

Memphis Depay is having a very strong range for Olympique Lyon in the Champions League. He scored in the fourth duel in a row. This is the second Lyon player, who will do it, since Now they’re back, Anderson did so in 2002.The Ajax one-hour geleden36,’ The third Ajax goal, they will not be in the name of Ziyech, but it was an own goal by goalkeeper Kepa. The final item on the attempt to get the ball out of the goal, but hit the ball completely wrong. It was the second own-goal already in this game.The Ajax one from an hour ago35 minutes GOAL, and Ajax. 1-3

What an insane goal from Hakim Ziyech! The Moroccan international is to shoot with a free-kick from the left-hand side from an impossible angle into the goal and put Ajax at 1-3.The Ajax one-hour geleden33 Blind gets a yellow, but this does have a dangerous attack from Chelsea. This is the second print of the game, because you just got Veltman is also all yellow.Olympique Lyon-Benfica-four hours ago –33′ GOAL in Olympique Lyon’s! 2-0

Memphis Depay is doing it!!! He’s shooting the ball at one time from a cross by Houssem Aouar.The Ajax one-hour geleden32′ Pulisic in hot pursuit of a free-kick in the penalty area in the hope that there will be a head of the Chelsea encounter. The goalkeeper Onana responds quickly and plucks the ball out of the air.The Ajax one-hour geledenDe the second goal of Promes is in the picture.

#CHEAJA 1-2! ⚡️
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AuteurVeronica InsideMoment of plaatsen21:22 – november 5, 2019Liverpool-Genk, one hour ago

Virgil van Dijk and Georginio Wijnaldum celebrating with the goal scorer of the latter, in a characteristic manner.The Ajax one from an hour ago

Chelsea took until the evening of the Champions League at Stamford Bridge-never had two of the goals in the next twenty minutes.Champions League final-four-hour geledenHet the first half-hour has been very productive in the League. In all of these, which is at 21: 00 started, is to have at least a single time it arrived.The Ajax one-hour geleden27′, And when it does, it is almost 1-3! Ziyech there is a free-kick in the penalty area, and Tammy Abraham, and blasts the ball almost back into the own goal.Valencia-Lille-four hours ago,a 25′ GOAL in Lille! From 0 to 1

Victor Omsimhen with the benefit of a massive and more losing to Valencia, and shoot the ball, decisive in.The Ajax one-hour geledenQuincy Promes to do it in the Champions League was better at Ajax than at his previous club, Spartak Moscow. He makes it his third in four matches. With Spartak, he scored twice in five matches.The Ajax one from an hour ago

The first Ajax goal from Promes has been changed to an own goal by Tammy Abraham. The goal is that after 1 minute, 49 seconds was the second fastest Ajax goal scorer ever in the uefa Champions League. Just as Andy van der Meijde know, on march 19, 2003, on a visit to Roma’s faster to get points. Following his departure to chelsea was when, after the 37 seconds was spot-on.The Ajax one-hour geleden21′ and he does it all. Ajax is a brilliant header of the Promes, from a beautiful cross from Ziyech, on a 1-2 lead.The Ajax was one hour ago,a 20′ GOAL, and Ajax. 1-2

Quincy Promes is the headline in Ajax, on at 1-2! However, he is not offside? The value is going to be there in any case to the watch..Borussia Dortmund-Inter-four-hour geledenAls He had missed, he is now Lukaku can show. He was, however, very handsome self!

‘GOAL!’ Inter the lead in Dortmund, germany! Who does it all by itself!!!
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AuteurZiggo Sports VoetbalMoment of plaatsen21:15 – november 5, 2019Liverpool-Genk-four hours ago, toa 15′ GOAL to Liverpool. 1-0

Georginio Wijnaldum to shoot close up pretty for Liverpool.The Ajax one-hour geleden15′, And, on the other hand, Tadic and immediately dangerous. The Serb pulls out and shoots just over.Rome-Salzburg-four hours geledenDat, it is a very, very, very nice list of what Haland now. He is making his seventh Champions League goal in his fourth game.

🚀 – Most goals in the first 4 to #UCL matches
7 – Erling Braut Håland (+1)
5 – Thierry Henry
5 – Ivan Klasnic
5 – Diego Costa
5 – Didier Drogba
#NAPSAL #KönigsCLasse


AuteurGracenote LiveMoment of plaatsen21:13 – november 5, 2019Chelsea, But one hour ago,a 14′ GOAL to the Chelsea frowned upon!

Ajax takes a sigh of relief. Abraham may have been one of Onana and scoring, but the Englishman is offside.Back to top

Picture: Reuters