Theo Francken in The House, “I’m not ready to apologise’

Theo Francken in The House, "I'm not ready to apologise'

Tuesday night, former secretary of state for asylum and migration Theo Francken was a guest in The house. After five years of coaxing, he finally agreed to do it. Eric Goens, provides him with a 24-hour place to live.

As soon as Theo Francken in the house comes to it, looks like it was a normal day at the office. To the extent that, Eric, again, the rules clearly: no cell phone and no tweets. The strict rules for the man who has, over the past seven years, the 25,000 tweets in the world, has to be submitted. “Yes, yes, I am sometimes impulsive.”
Theo Francken, is a politician, that is, the controversy does not shy away from. Fortunately, there is a family to him, and then, with both feet firmly on the ground. His father left to him, one thing is the promise: if you’re a cynic, you’ll need to stop. “I’ve been thinking about this the last couple of months.” And just in time for the last elections, had to be his brother, for him to promise to remember it. “My brother said, ge, ye a lot of to be cynical, your tweets, your Facebook posts, don’t do it. Oh, Stop it. Do you remember what our father has said to them.”

In the sports room, Eric is an inspirational picture on the wall. The photo wall will need Theo to motivate you during the sportproeven. After the sports room, it is clear that political life and the physical health has not been good. “I used to be fifteen hours per week of sport. I bokste to be the ultra-heavies. Today, though, I’m too fat. A good campaign delivers a fine, five pounds extra. When John Crombez said to me that he was having so much weight had been lost during the campaign, I knew that he would lose the elections.’