The women are in the minority in the Flemish series-and the series

The women are in the minority in the Flemish series-and the series

This year, the European Unequal Payday, on the 4th of november. Unequal Payday is a day when women symbolically take unpaid work to the rest of the year, which focused attention on the gender pay gap. Also, in the entertainment industry continue to be of unequal wages for women for the, and behind-the-scenes of a problem that, according to the Sony Pictures hack of 2014. In this situation, it is often glossed with the assumption of titles with female main characters less and less viewers. But is that really the case? Telenet’s Play that popped up in the rating of the 200 most popular movie, and serietitels the past few years to verify this.

The titles of the works, with more and more women, as well? No, a better relationship between men and women in the cast, it seems to be just along to hang out with more and more success with the public. In the top 10 of the most popular movie and serietitels of the previous year was 35% of the roles are for women. At the very least, popular movies, only 29% are taken by women.

Nevertheless, women are clearly under-represented. In the analysis of the complete set of the 200 most popular titles from the last year shows that just 34% of the roles** played by a woman. Certain genres are doing it just to do comedy, and horror films), or worse (actions). At the local level, the company scores just a little higher than it is in Hollywood: we see that 37% of the roles in the most popular Flemish titles to be played by a woman. With titles such as The Day, and the Studio Tarara, Gent, of the West, Chaussée d’amour’, a Tabula Rasa, and the Clan, and it seems clear, however, that there will slowly be more scope for the actresses in the Flemish TELEVISION landscape.

Julie Mahieu, active and behind-the-scenes as an actor, host and writer of the hit series of The Day, it shows that everything is accelerated with a #metoo: “over the past few years, it seems that there is, indeed, a wave of used-to-be, with rising female talent in strong roles. I think that #metoo much in progress, has put the focus on it, to draw it a different way. But even before that, there were all of the women are putting in serious work on the road. A change was needed, and we still don’t.”