The Verhulst does honour to themselves,

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That the school would do whatever it took to avoid that in The Verhulst, the finale of “Dancing With The Stars” would go on, that it was written in the stars. We managed to get it the last few weeks, time after time, in the order of the dance competition, to survive and was completely satisfied each time are better candidates to fall. They had a sense of guilt, and did it Sunday night, then a prominent and strong call to ” vote not for me but for the other three candidates. But it would be for the fans, We listen and respond to his call? For once, it was the announcement of the fall is not that exciting, all the more so because the other candidates and get as many points from the jury, given that the difference in the voting public, however, very, very, very big, it had to be. Jack was 4 of 10 from the judges.

That jury room was spacious and bright very generous with the maximum score. It was also performed by Kelly Pfaff, Julie Vermeire, and Jack Kazaltzis. The level of the three candidates is a lot higher than that of the end of the previous year. This is partly to do with the experience of their coach, they will have five days in which to make their dance partners who dance to learn. A feat that, once again, to have a good end it was. Let’s face it, you could be in the position of a single click of a blunder of that size here.