Natasja Froger is contemplating a smaller residence

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Natasja Froger is contemplating a smaller residence

04 november, 2019 20:13
04-11-19 at 20:13
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Now that all of her children out of the house, consider Natacha Froger, to shrink, to go and live with her husband, Rene. That, she says, in an interview with the as a result of the new program For the same amount of money.

In the six-part program, which is the first episode of Monday evening from 20: 30 on RTL 4, see get set up with the option of a one-week ‘try it out’ in a house outside of the area. Froger is telling you that they don’t need to get out of that area for you to leave, now that she is in a peaceful area of Blaricum has been found.

“I come from the countryside, and have the lived here,” says the announcer. “Where we are now, we can find delicious. In a big city like Amsterdam, it is very nice to be with friends, have a bite to eat, or go to a theatre to go to, but then again, you should return to the rest, we are still very, very good. I was walking in the area is hard, we do have dogs and I would like to participate in the aha walk. I consider myself not to do it with my dogs on a leash.”