John Smith in the Belpop

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At the end of november, john Smith is 60. He’s not the only one and absolute radio, and televisievedette, and the eternal spring-in-‘t-veld, as well as one of the Most greatest singer-songwriters. In the last episode, in the ninth range of history Belpop, back to his long musical career.
Monday, november 4th at 21.20 h. on the Canvas and on the Canvas, channel VRT, NOW, where are the other episodes from this season, is yet to be seen.

The apple and the tree
John Smith grew up in an artistic family. His father, Marcel, was an actor and director with the GROSS. Mother, Suz, is a teacher, and with their own puppet shows. Already at the very young age of late, Bart is recognisable thanks to his unbridled creativity and artistic talent.

“I like to think I am, but the word is known from a very young age I realized what a passion it is. You have to fully engage in playing the guitar, playing the drums… in fact you have dreams to pursue.”

On his ninth he is alone on the stage, from the Skiffle-festival in Hove. As a teenager, playing drums in several rockbandjes, and, together with the from the university-professors Hugo Matthysen and Marc Kruithof and Jan Leyers, he’s covergroepje Beri Beri. The general public will get acquainted with john Smith when he was a tv presenter in belgium and the Netherlands breaks through.

The Radio
One of those tv shows, results in the formation of The Radio, to which Smith, backed by, among others, the two brothers, Ronny and Robert Mosuse’s and early 90’s, all of the popcharts referred to. However, after five very successful years, and with a string of hits, Bart is the way to get the pop star to play, and he is once again focused on the tv, and radiocarrière. He was only active as a drummer in The Clement Peerens Explosition (the joke), the band of Hugo Matthysen, aka the Clement Peerens.

Bart is struggling with his popimago and artistic identity. During the recording of the tv show Trucker Live he walks out with serious hearing loss and he forced a loud music to avoid it.

Without the circus
He pulls himself back up with his guitar and starts to introspective songs to write. With that repertoire, and in an acoustic setting tour, he will first visit the small meeting rooms, and even though it’s public, just need to get used to the new face of subdued, chansonnier, not the circus tour and the subsequent album, ” The image of john Smith’ to be a great success.

“This tour was called ” Bart, without a circus,’ which is of course total nonsense, because Bart IS just a circus. This is the same thing as an elephant without a trunk, that doesn’t make any sense.”

Hugo Matthysen, friend, musician
After a dazzling show at the drop of chicken stock numbers, as the polar Ice and the Rush of the Sea, grow that thing to the lord decided to Bart podiumact back seems to get it.

The price of fame
Meanwhile, a peak at Location-of-tv-career-is that he is not on the screen, getting rid of this. That overexposure will begin to turn against him, and people are starting to fall off. That gets him so deep inside that she was the one in question, and was in a deep depression, fighting for his life.
“Sometimes, I thought to myself: Bert, you’re undermining your credibiliteit from the Flemish, to Bob Dylan, the songsmid that’s great about life-think of it, so entertaining to do so.”

Ronny Mosuse
“Who is to be the best and wants everyone to do well, and if you are somewhere with a hammer, would it be possible that he is very insecure and uncertain. Though it looks like that’s not the case.”

Anneke Bellens, who has a wife
“It was deep, it was solid. And it is really dark, which is going on for Bart, so it was, in fact, that’s really weird. Terrifying, in fact.”