Dina Rodrigues, with a special Celine Dion is on stage

2dd0bf47f22b203a364d34763666dfd1 - Dina Rodrigues, with a special Celine Dion is on stage

In all its activities, brings with Dina Rodrigues, some of the songs of her idol, Celine Dion. This is not the case, of course, and that will not go unnoticed. Even in sunny Portugal, and a native of the Dinka people to be impressed by the tesituur to the us.

Each and every year, to get Dinah a few times on the flight to the country of her birth, where she is a regular on a National TV show. At these events a try, there are also a few performances to do so. It was at the beginning of this year, at the Cultural Center in Lisbon, where she is out of her own repertoire and also some of the numbers are of the Format alone. It was for the organizers of the occasion to make a show out of their way to organize it in the Theatre Chaby Pinheiro, to Nazaré, Portugal around Celine Dion. It takes place on the 4th of april, by the year 2020.

It was all hands on deck to get this show in the other hand, which in the meantime has been done. It gives her the opportunity to be with us, with the show’s job to go to. It’s become a real special-live-on-tape, with a spectacle of lights and special effects, where Dinah is the greatest classic hits Format, it will bring in.

Organisers of this unique show, even here, want to hold can be informed by or by phone: +32 (0) 485 030644.

(Nico Vanaken)