Culture shock for Andy Peelman, Cambodia

3571db4d0bdbf282fb56aa26d20ab8e6 - Culture shock for Andy Peelman, Cambodia

Andy was on Patrol, called on Tuesday 15th of november 20.35-welcome to the Buddhist art of Cambodia. Andy Peelman don’t know if this adventure is one you will never forget it, or quickly forgotten. The agent’s state, after all, have to say, when he sees the police and the medics to work on them.

In the past, the government of Cambodia have never been on a television team for the permission to use all of the components of the police department to shoot a video in the tourist capital city of Phnom Penh. A highlight for Andy who is only too happy to make use of its privileges. The national police force in malaysia is a highly organized unit with a military rank. The supreme commander is a general with 4 stars. Just to say, protocol is important. Or what Andy would say, “it’s not your cat”.

Andy should be out on the road with the traffic police. The traffic in Cambodia is a total mess. Of the rules, draws, no one else’s business. “Here, you make eye contact is possible. Everyone else is doing, but what he wants to do. And the police let. Sometimes I get the impression that the traffic lights here are just for decoration.

Andy is going to the engine to help in the event of an accident. It is to him that his peers do not have the habit to appear the victim in the face, but lucky for the injured man to come out of Switzerland, and Andy is fluent in German, the language spoken by his wife. The agent has to believe his eyes when he sees how the victim is being treated. “I am under the impression that the ambulanciers have no medical training and were. With all due respect, but when I see this, I hope with all my heart and that I happen to be in Cambodia.