CHARITY puts on a week-long on-road safety

0635661fc2146c4bcab56c2d9f8b9428 - CHARITY puts on a week-long on-road safety

As is customary each year raises awareness among FLEMISH youth radio station, OBSERVERS listen to it in the fall around in safety. From Monday the 4th to Friday the 8th of november, focusing CHARITY on alcohol and drug abuse is on the road. And, especially, the reasons for which anyone should be late.

A week is a long time to put OBSERVERS on road safety, with both on-air and online pain stories. The Great Peter Van de Veire Ochtendshow, and Generation of M is to bring personal testimonies from listeners. In Planet Cock, looking for CHARITY, dj Tom’s Cock to the ways in which we can do better, for each and every victim on the road is one too many. MNM djs Ann Reymen studies monitoring the effects of the alcohol and drug abuse on the human body. Is zero tolerance the answer?

The Great Peter Van de Veire Ochtendshow hearing listeners, it is the personal story of a driver in a fatal accident caused, after three wines had been drinking at a party. The ex-alcoholic will tell you about how he and police tried to avoid it, and George He, a Member of parliament for the sp.a love, a plea for zero tolerance.

In a Boost to get the listeners to know what is the effect of different drugs on your driving style, which is why we still have to decide to get behind the wheel. It used to be all the better or are we doing it for the last few years, however, is not such a bad thing? MNM djs Ann Reymen requires a team of experts in the sector.