All the tracks lead to Houses-in-The-Team-2

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Lynn Van Royen (Beau Séjour, Spitsbroers The Luizenmoeder) is one of the three main characters in the second season, The Team, the series is about people who are on the border, a crime that has international ramifications and is trying to solve the problem. A web of intrigue that is the Syrian desert, leading on to the streets of Brussels and Molenbeek. Almost half of the days of The Team, 2 were in the country.

One attached to a murder at a guest house in the Danish mires brings together a team of researchers from Denmark, Germany, and Belgium. What at first looks like a terrorist act will lead the detectives to the international art trade, and it is a widely extended network of the refugees.

The Team’s 2 is the sequel to the highly successful inaugural season in 2015-2016 with the VTM, on average, 541.000, viewers got a market share of 22.5%, as well as outside of the boundaries scored. Within Europe, looked at more than 10 million people in The Team and I, across the 10 stations in 10 countries.

Lynn plays with the Belgian Band, Liekens, who, together with her methodical, almost mathematical approach, to a high position in the Belgian intelligence services. All three have to work together with ambitious, the Danish commissioner of police and Sara Winther (Marie Bach Hansen), known from The Legacy) and the German Gregor Weiss, the head of the department for Trafficking in human beings at the heart of Hamburg’s police-The Bird-r.a. Tatort). With the three of them they represent, therefore, the new PARADIGM, the so-called Joint Investigation Teams.