We’re going to lead halfway, at TOURIST information at the debut of a Lawyer

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We’re going to lead halfway, at TOURIST information at the debut of a Lawyer

03 november, 2019 12:03 pm
03-11-19 12:03 pm
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In the twelfth round of the Premier league was on Sunday at 12: 15 pm continue with the FC Emmen-Vitesse (2-1). At 14: 30, there was a kick off to TOURIST Season, FC Utrecht, netherlands-Fortuna Sittard, FC Groningen and Willem II. ADO Den Haag and sc Heerenveen will close at 16.45 hours, the turn off. Follow it here in our liveblog!

Good afternoon and welcome to our Premier-league-liveblog! My name is Rob Hirschmann, and I will keep you in the coming hours, informed of the latest developments in the games.

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  • VVV Venlo-Feyenoord 0-2
  • FC Utrecht-Fortuna Sittard 3-0
  • FC Groningen-Willem II 0-0
  • 16.45
  • ADO Den Haag-sc Heerenveen
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  • FC Emmen-Vitesse 2-1

FC Groningen-Willem II · * * * a few hours ago

Peace and quiet in the high-resiliency!

FC Groningen is leading with 1-0 against Willem II, thanks to a goal from Kai, Sierhuis. An advantage is gained, since the thuiosploeg have a lot more opportunities as well. Willem II, with a 1-0 deficit, even not complain at all, though it was by Pavlidis is still a huge opportunity.FC Utrecht-Fortuna Sittard · 2 hours ago

⏸ | @fcutrecht on the roses at @FortunaSittard.
After 45 minutes, it’s already 3-0 through goals from Gyrano Church, the Sander of the Region, and a penalty from Simon Gustafson


AuteurFOX SportsMoment of plaatsen15:17 – november 3, 2019VVV-we’re going in · 3 hours ago

Peace of mind! What a luxury for a Team! In the End, lead by 1-0. Dick, a Lawyer, and so happy.FC Utrecht-Fortuna Sittard, the netherlands · 3 minutes ago there areResting! It’s been quiet here in holland. The home team with a comfortable lead to the locker room: 3-0.OT-Newcastle · 7 mins geleden42′ we’re going to have had it won’t be easy to get OT, but the 2-0 from the mountain hut, there is a little more calm in the game came at the End.FC Utrecht-Fortuna Sittard · the 7-minute geleden41, ” There was the 4-0 to FC Utrecht. Justin Hoogma jump high, but it is the headline that the ball is in the goal of Koselev.FC Groningen-Willem II 10 minutes ago –40′ GOAL for FC Groningen! 1-0

He Sierhuis scored for the home side. He takes the ball in the first instance, be bad, but just tap the ball and it is a clever piece inside. FC Groningen’s lead was earned with a 1-0!FC Utrecht-Fortuna Sittard, the netherlands · 14 minutes geleden33′ Sjors Ultee gropes for peace. The coach of Fortuna Sittard gets Cian Harries to the side. Lisa Essers will replace him.VVV-Feyenoord · 16 minutes ago –33′ GOAL in the Club! 0 to 2

What is a prachtgoal Steven Berghuis! He gets the ball out of the beat, but then remove destructive-in! With a magnificent volley and the new first captain of the People for the 0 to 2!OFFICE Team · 16 hours ago

However, it is also a very special day for Nicolai Jørgensen. The Danish striker made his first goal of the season. Another unique thing about it is that it is on the artificial grass will do. The Feyenoorder in the past on a regular basis, the a basis because of the artificial turf is bad for his physique.FC Utrecht-Fortuna Sittard · 18 minutes ago –32′ GOAL for FC Utrecht! 3-0

After a bit of pushing and pulling in the penalty area and is given the home side a penalty. Simon Gustafson is going to be behind the ball and get the ball impeccably done.TOURIST Season · 20-minute geleden29′ we’re going to lead, but in OT and has been for a while, in the control of the field.FC Groningen-Willem II · is a 22-minute geleden26′ is A huge chance for Willem II!!! Pavlidis, get the ball, the gift, and go right to the Padt off. He moves the ball next to it.FC Utrecht-Fortuna Sittard · the 22-minute geleden26 Church, there has been a plague for the defense of Fortuna Sittard, the netherlands. Again, the attacker from FC Utrecht, was quick, but man this time it’s not a team-mate.OFFICE Team · 23 hours ago

A backlog at the Club has been very little in the news OFFICE coach Robert Maaskant. The coach was seventeen times before facing Everton in the Premier league, and to win, ever. He lost the bet, and even fifteen times. No coach has such a poor average at the Team of as Part.TOURIST Season · a 25-minute geleden23′ Is a danger to the Team after a long ball! Now TOURISM there is Taught a kopkans, but he was unable to lead the way.FC Utrecht-Fortuna Sittard, the netherlands · 30 minutes ago

John is on the ground can be satisfied with watching. His team, FC Utrecht dominated the match and after two minutes in for a 2-0 lead, thanks to the successes of the Church and Of the entire Region. This is a fast 2-0 lead eventually to the utrecht residents since August 20, 2017.VVV-Feyenoord · 32 minutes ago it‘s 18-GOAL Season! From 0 to 1

A real oasis, has finally released his first goal of the season for you to do. He is tapping from close in from a low ball in from a Jens Toornstra!TOURIST information Liverpool · 33 minutes and geleden16 Again with a corner kick for the Team after a difficult uitverdedigen from the TOURIST information centre.TOURIST Season · the 34-minute geleden15 ” One more time, before Leroy Fer. He can get the ball to the target headers, but he hit the ball completely wrong. The ball goes over the dead ball line.FC Groningen-Willem II · 36 minutes and geleden13′ After a quarter of an hour to play football at the Euroborg is still 0-0, and that’s mainly because of FC Groningen, does not work well with the opportunities for deals. Asoro, El Messaoudi given the proper chances, but the score is not.FC Utrecht-Fortuna Sittard · 36 minutes ago –14′ GOAL for FC Utrecht! 2-0

FC Utrecht to double the lead. After an assist from the Church and shoot the Sander of the Region and is effortless to remember.FC Utrecht-Fortuna Sittard · the 37-minute geleden12 ” san francisco dominated for the first fifteen minutes of the contest. The visitors, from the province of Limburg will get will be no chance of the second half.OT-we’re going to · in 38 minutes geleden11′ Kum (DOS) blasts the ball out for a corner kick next to it.TOURIST Season · a 40-minute geleden8′ Vermeer ‘ it should intervene in order to prevent Neudecker, may be over. OT is another dangerous long ball.TOURIST Season · is a 43-minute geleden6’ the Club has not yet reported, and for the purpose of the Venlonaren. The start of the two teams, it is still a bit of a mess.FC Utrecht-Fortuna Sittard, the netherlands-four hours ago, itwas 4: GOAL for FC Utrecht! 1-0

Gyrano Church is set for the defence of Fortuna Sittard is on the wrong track, and do the same with the left side for the 1-0 get inside the ball.OT-we’re going to one-hour geleden2 The first opportunity for the TOURIST information centre. A long ball from the Kum and ends up at the head of the Lindhorst, who, in addition to the aim of artists such as Vermeer in a headline.FC Utrecht-Fortuna Sittard, the netherlands-four hours ago, toKick-off! The ball is in the Galgenwaard stadium.OT-we’re going to one-hour geleden1, ” We are at the beginning! We’re going to kick off.FC Utrecht-Fortuna Sittard · the one-hour geledenFC Utrecht, has been focused for the game against Fortuna Sittard, who are about to begin.

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AuteurFC UtrechtMoment of plaatsen14:24 – november 3, 2019VVV-Season-four-hours-ago

The lawyer will take a “little risk” by drafting Van der Heijden.
Dick Advocaat admits that he is a small, risk-taking, with the establishment of the Jan-Arie van der Heijden, who has been since August, not in time for the Club. “We’ll have to see how the Ié and Van der Heijden’s going to do it,” he said to Fox Sports. “I’m hoping that Ié’s a good pick, as he has known it and seen it happen”, refers to a Lawyer’s handsballen in the last few weeks. “With Van der Heijden, take a risk, because he is a long time not playing. But in training, I can see that he is verbal and very, very now. I have all the foreign guys don’t.”OT-we’re going to o a day ago

Mountain house’s new first-team captain for the Team
Dick a Attorney at law in addition to a number of changes in the apparatus and a change has been made: Steven Berghuis was one of the first to be the captain. He is aanvoerdersband from Eric Botteghin. Mountain house was the second person to aavoerder, but it’s so hard to be captain at the End.FC Emmen-Short-one hour ago

FC Emmen post earned the win on the Sprint
FC Emmen have to book at the place once again to be a major victory. The Emmenaren beat up on the Old Meerdijk Short, that they have a chance to do so in order to climb up to third place in the Premier league. The people from arnhem to make a very poor impression, while FC Emmen, through the players, Nikolai Laursen, and The Peña of beautiful things to see. On behalf of FC Emmen to score, with Michael de Leeuw, and Nikolai Laursen. For a Short did and Nouha Dicko to give something back.FC Emmen-Speed-four-hour geleden90+3 in the Past! FC Emmen to win by 2-1 by Vitesse.FC Emmen-Speed-four-hour geleden90+2′ FC Emmen, with a throw-in at half of that Speed. If the home team is it a professional finish, and the three points in Emmen, the netherlands.FC Emmen-Speed-four-hour geleden90+1′ Is a bicycle kick from Dicko! Again, he is wrong. At this time it is going to be the ball all over.FC Emmen-Speed-four-hour geleden90′ Short calls. Bazoer shows that the fall in Matavz, but Kooij blows the whistle for a handsbal of Jones. So, in a free-kick for a Sprint.FC Emmen-Speed-four-hour geleden86′ The same time, the Emmen to: clubheld Anco Jansen is in it! He made his first minutes of the season. Jones is in for Laursen. In Short, leave as Clark’s field, Buitink.FC Emmen-Speed-four-hour geleden85 ” Another five minutes, the official time! Will there be a final assault for a Short?FC Emmen-Speed · 2-hour geleden79′ Dicko (Short) shows his acrobatic skills with a clever bicycle kick, but the ball is in front of.FC Emmen-Speed · 2-hour geleden76, ” It’s now 3-1 than 2-2. FC Emmen is much more dangerous. As She makes it to the Short-defenders are not an easy task.FC Emmen-Speed · 2-hour geleden74′ It was 3-1 to The Lion! Once again, it is Laursen, with a nice action. He lays the ball back to The Lion, but misses. A moment later, you shoot Laursen left it in, but the ball Pasveer.FC Emmen-Speed · 2-hour geleden71′ Heylen with a great chance at 3-1 after the return of The Lion, but he is missing.FC Emmen-Speed · 2-hour geleden70′ Obispo prevents Laursen in the shoot, after a round of as She. Darfalou took a moment before a yellow, after he was no more than a minute in the.FC Emmen-Speed · 2-hour geleden69 Two points. In Short, go Right there, Darfalou’s going to be in. FC Emmen will leave the Kolar field for Them.FC Emmen-Speed · 2 hours ago

Vitesse coach Leonid Slutsky called himself clear of the messy game of Speed. Allows the team to its 2-1 deficit to do it?FC Emmen-Speed · 2-hour geleden66, ” We have been more than twenty minutes to go in the second half. FC Emmen is leading with 2-1, but it was not as dominant as the rest. Ensuring that the slide is going further and further into the Emmen purpose.FC Emmen-Speed · 2-hour geleden63′ Is an opportunity for a Short! Right to his left hand, but Telgenkamp saves with his feet.Back to top

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