Thomas Dekker is Michael Boogerd ‘bitter’

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Thomas Dekker is Michael Boogerd ‘bitter’

Nov 02, 2019 08:25
02-11-19 08:25
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Thomas Dekker wrote of 2016, the book of My struggle , in which users and suppliers of drugs in the wielrenwereld with the name you want to read it. Michael Boogerd was one of the people with whom he is accused, and the other two have each other and still did not normally.

“He feels he has come a long sacrifice, as I have described, the role it played in the spread of doping in the peloton. It was not that he did it to make it richer, just as he was, however, getting caught up in,” says Dekker, in the interview with The local newspaper.

The two ex-riders were, for years, been good friends, but after the publication of the book is no longer in contact with each other was lost. Mr. Dekker said it’s still trying to have. “Then, when my book is just out, I made a few attempts to make an appointment, but there were always appjes that I was rotten, it was every name in the book. I don’t want to have a conversation that way, it’s not.”