Gaston and Leo will be revived on stage

16da0c15f87c6e4eff20bf9136299725 - Gaston and Leo will be revived on stage

On november 2, 2019 at the latest, symbolic of the 95th anniversary of the Leo Martin, the new production company Theatertainment in one of the prestigious project, Gaston and Leo are the Hommagemusical’.
From 1972 to 1993, Gaston Berghmans and Leo Martin as Gaston & Leo Flanders ‘ most popular comedy team ever. For many generations, to cherish the beautiful memories of the acts from this iconic duo. In this work, will the spirit of the time and has a nostalgic atmosphere and will definitely come back to see. During the heyday of their success, they played in comedies, shone them on the tv or on the big screen, and they continued with their shows across the country.
‘Joske Vermeulen, “” the light is on’, ‘restaurant, The Golden Lion,… and Many of their pictures are in the collective memory and processing. Gaston as the “clown,” and Leo as “the principal” are both our common cultural heritage. But who was the man behind the smile? And what was on the other side of the coin of success and failure. On the 18th of march, 1993, it was bound up with this iconic duo, with the passing of Leo Martin.

On Saturday, the 18th of march 2023, exactly 30 years later, it is because of this symbolic date, is a manufacturer Theatertainment in the premiere, with an obvious homage to The Leo the right to vote. ‘Gaston and Leo are the Hommagemusical. This is the starting point for a whole series of images. As the producer, and the author has chosen the medium of ‘musical’, because this is like no other the atmosphere of the show, the entertainment and the nostalgia it exudes.

Frank Van Laecke-director of the production. As a writer and director, did he become a wealthy, internationally list of winners with various prizes at home and abroad. Frank takes control of the script for you.

Kobe Van Herwegen: the driving force behind the project, is working on the research for the script. After you have study the post “What are the secret goochelgeschiedenis of the country, and” the girl with the feeënvingers’, he / she will not only have the necessary know-how for this subject matter to investigate, but also to the scenariovorm to write. Kobe wants to be young and old equally.