Yann, out of Alloo by the Police: “sometimes it’s dangerous”

Yann, out of Alloo by the Police: "sometimes it's dangerous"

The new season of “Alloo in de Police”, with an average of 600.000 viewers will once again have a shot at the bull’s-eye. Inspector, Yann’s is actually a limited one: “Due to the fact that they recognize from tv are the people who have to put a lot more friendly. Violators will pay for it with a smile on their fines, and to listen rather to us when we tell them how to make it better and safer for it,” reveals Yann is one of the major benefits of the program.

Working with the police, however, is not without risk. Sometimes they are on the highway, while the car’s high-speed voorbijrazen. This is the reason why Luk Alloo and his team always fluohesjes to wear and to Yann and his colleagues should listen to, tell, a police inspector in the Story.

With Luk Alloo they hit it off immediately, says Yann in the magazine. “What I’m really cool about Luke is that he has so much knowledge of human nature at work.”