Leen Dendievel, in the mourning

31d94865fa41f178db67e6443f15c66b - Leen Dendievel, in the mourning

Today is all saints ‘ day, which for most people isn’t the most fun day of the year. Should also be noted that at-Home actress, Leen Dendievel remember today those who have passed on, even though it is an extra-painful the 1st of november.

“I do not always have all of my life, but this is wíl, I share it. Because they have to earn it! Because you want people to know who they are, and what a warm nest for you?On the inside, I am very, very sad. I lost my mémé, this week,” writes the actress is on Facebook. “An amazing, proud and very funny lady that I hope I have half the punishment if they do. Pépé, I lost two years ago. My true hero! But for now, my mémé is gone, it seems the whole world is gone. In a world of which I am proud that I am part of that MAY be. I have to go out into the world, where people want to help people, wants to laugh, and people will want to move them. So they are proud to be able to have it on me,” wrote the actress.

In spite of the loss of her grandmother, working as a Fief of its regular program, as well as possible. Most of all, it would be her calendar is empty for the loss of a further processing of it, but that’s not really there. “It was you, and not just a part of you, your word, there is an editorial board is already spending the entire day in the back of the program is to be made on the basis of your introduction, and you can have a room full of the public with a purchased ticket will not just go back to the house and let it go. You can’t say, ‘let me feel’ like someone in love, a picture will help, The thing needs to run, and as a courtesy I wear is of paramount importance. In doing so, the Show must go on.”