Faroek is a weekly

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Six weeks to go, VTM gerechtsspecialist Faroek Özgünes, this fall, in its investigation programme to re-look at the tips of the viewers, which is a crime that can solve the problem.

Faroek Özgünes, “We ask each year that a program like Faroek a high level of commitment, creates in the viewer. They will help you to have crimes to solve. Last year, we took a ophelderingspercentage 42 percent of the time. Our support is so helpful.”

Faroek the police will ask you for more explanation of the facts, the detail behind the descriptions of the perpetrators, and calls on the witnesses to be quick and discreet, for the police department to report it. In many of the reports have been bewakingsbeelden of the suspects, and to get the victims to talk.

Viewers are able to get in touch with the people from the well-known toll-free phone number of the police 0800/30 300, or via e-mail (