Dieter Coppens brings together the unique stories of the dierenexperten and the animal kingdom

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As of Wednesday, the 6th of november, happening, Dieter Coppens himself and for the viewers, with the big wonder in the animal kingdom, a new season of Animalitis. He has been following the Belgian dierenexperts at home and abroad, and may be other events to attend to both your typical pets, such as exotic wild animals: a horse, a eierstoktumor operate on an orangutan re-release it in the wild or in a wounded rhino for help.

But Animalitis is not just about the animals. He also puts a unique story of a talented dierendeskundigen in the spotlight, and brings the enduring love affair between a man and an animal is exposed. He is going to re-visit some of the dierexperten from the first season of the Animalitis, and the viewer will also learn new people to know. The experts will take the Dieter to take you to special places and to show him as an exotic animal. Of course, it extends itself even to roll up their sleeves, and bold, he turned his attention to the practice.

Animalitis: starting november 6, every Thursday at 20.40 hrs on One of.

The experts
By Anthony Herrel (48) – Evolutiebioloog from Ghent
Anthony Herrel is a biologist affiliated with the museum of natural history in Paris, france. He is particularly interested in the evolution of diversity in animals. Anthony goes every year to france to do some research to see how quickly animals adapt themselves after the people in their natural habitat, until it is broken. The research that he does in amphibians and reptiles, because that is where the changes are most visible. How does a tree frog to survive as the trees are cut down, and the frogs will be forced to be on the floor in a ball. How many more generations are needed in order to fully adapt to life on land?

Bart, Excuse me (for 35 years) – Specialization in game animals from Around
Bart, Sorry, it is in spite of his young age, is one of the leaders of the department of ruminant animals, at the Faculty of Veterinary medicine. His specialty is in internal diseases. Because of this, he was a member of the triage of all incoming patients. Bart is on the faculty of a lot of fun-a lesson to the vets-to-be.

Bart Van Goethem (47 years) – Specialist in surgery of small animals – from Temse
Bart Van Goethem is director of surgery at the university of Ghent, belgium. He is a specialist in surgery — there are but four. A total of, graduated, Bart, is ten years old in order to become a specialist. He specialized in general surgery, neurology, and orthopedics.

Ellen Martens (41 years) – Specialization in physical therapy, and hydrotherapy for dogs as well as horses from Velm
Ellen, She has a huge passion for animals and always wanted to be dierenfysiotherapeut to be. She was the first human re-education, and has followed in the America’s, specializing in physiotherapy for horses and dogs. Ellen now has her own private practice, “”The waterhof”, and they are going to also have a couple of times a year, to America, to teach international students.