Comments after the narrow win, Ajax to PEC Zwolle (closed)

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Comments after the narrow win, Ajax to PEC Zwolle (closed)

01 november, 2019 19:34
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Leader Ajax, Friday evening, in the twelfth round of the Premier league with a 2-4 win a visit to THE Theatre. Just follow the notes on the game in our liveblog.

Good evening and welcome to our liveblog of the Premier league. My name is Jeroen van Barneveld and I will keep you up to date on PEC Zwolle-Ajax is the only game in the national league this Friday night.

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  • PEC Zwolle-Ajax 2 to 4

11 hours ago

With the printed faces are very grateful to the players of Ajax, and the remainder of the audience in Amsterdam, the netherlands. The sight of the Players is now focused on the encounter of the Champions League with Chelsea next Tuesday.14 hours ago

At the Hag on injury: ‘Which make’
Erik ten Hag is going to FOX Sports, the league lost, Lisandro Martinez, Edson Álvarez and Donny van de Beek. “Of course, we have a lot of worries. I can see the positive in it, but they’re not going to be for nothing. Donny fell in with muscle pains from it. We’ll have to wait and see how it develops.”15 hours ago

Ten Hag: “Ryan wasn’t ready for this change’
Coach Erik ten Hag frustrated by the treuzelmoment along the way, the moment when Edson Álvarez, an injury treatment, and Ajax with ten men to play with. “I really wanted Huntelaar, but I would have to wait. We had a different type of player, but there were already a lot of attackers on the field,” said Ten Hag, who, to the frustration of the Daley Blind on the getreuzel can’t understand it. “Ryan Gravenberch, ed.). it was not done, and that he had to do it. He was nice and warm.”33 minutes ago

“Six minutes, ten men could not at this stage
“We have to get ourselves to be unnecessarily difficult,” says Daley Blind, with FOX Sports after the 2-4 win at PEC Zwolle. In the second half and came back to 2-3 after an 0-3 year-well ahead of the Locals. “A slordigheidje bring them back into the game and then the smell of blood. In the initial stages of the second half, and we are looking too much to the long ball. Fortunately, we are in the 2 to 4, and it is on the inside’, thus the Blind, who have critically considered the lack of a bill of exchange after an injury, by Edson Álvarez. “Six minutes with ten men at this level, it may simply not work. I don’t know exactly what happened, but it is now a lot less time. However, it may be more likely that ten people could stand in, but six minutes is a really long time.”

43 minutes ago

Clement: ‘and Thought that it was a long night that would be
PEC Zwolle was Ajax was still sweating, Zwolle, the netherlands, to see the captain Pelle Clement, also on FOX Sports. “The second half, yes. But, with all due respect: if you’re as poor defending in the first half, as a team, you have to make it very, very difficult. I thought it would be a long night, it would be”one hour ago

Ajax looks at PEC Zwolle, these three players are out with injuries. It is still unknown what damage they may have suffered in the town of Zwolle in the grass. On Tuesday, wait for the meeting in the group stage of the Champions League with Chelsea.

  • Lisandro Martinez
  • Edson Álvarez
  • Donny van de Beek

one hour ago

Ajax provides a lead for nearly the road against PEC Zwolle
Ajax to win with the chop on the water on a visit to THE Theatre. The Locals are mainly of a 0-3-lead the way to the town of Zwolle in the grass, but only at the final stage, after winning it safe with 2 to 4. Quincy Promes, and David Neres, working his way up to players in the Locals with two goals. I Hammer and Mustafa Saymak to score for PEC Zwolle, the netherlands. The win, Zwolle, the netherlands remains at Ajax, and after twelve matches unbeaten in the Premier league.the one-hour geleden90+2′: Xavier Mous with the extreme tension strength and with his finger, and the 2-5 of Joel Veltman.the one-hour geleden90′ with The minimum of added time in the second half, five hour ago –88′ GOAL, and Ajax. 2 to 4

David Neres shoot, and Ajax, with his second of the night in a safe and secure haven. Hakim Ziyech, it offers to the Brazilian and don’t miss the opportunity of an empty goal. For a beautiful match.the one-hour geleden84 Box offers you old-following his departure to chelsea, Dennis Johnson, all of time and space in order to get out of it and to the left of that PEC Zwolle is doing just that. Do not be effective, but dangerous as well. The shot sails right next to it.the one-hour geleden83 Box, it is in the day ordered to stop it. PEC Zwolle, kick, deep on the accelerator to get the 3-3 and force, while at Ajax, his head is already in the Champions League encounter with Chelsea hour ago

80′ With ten minutes left on the clock is allowed to PEC Zwolle is still hope for a point at the cost of the Box. Especially in the so-called star players and the Locals giving not at home on the rough turf. It is a losing trump card in the Box.the one-hour geleden72′ transition to Ajax: Donny van de Beek felt his hamstring and is forced to replace it. Razvan Martin is on the field. Klaas-Jan Huntelaar, who seem to for subbing, it will take place on the substitute bench.the one-hour geleden68′ Rejected! PEC Zwolle are through, and seems to be on the same level with Ajax, but Vito is on Crooij is offside when he is in the depth of play. If Ajax is not now advised.the one-hour geleden67 Box looks like at the moment, with his head in the uefa Champions League match against Chelsea this week. The Locals are messy, his eyes unfocused and PEC Zwolle is back in the game.the one-hour geleden62′ the Second switch in the Ajax: Ryan Gravenberch will replace the injured seemed to Edson Álvarez, who, with a bloody nose and a cut on his face, and the pack blows hour ago,62′ GOAL, PEC Zwolle! 2-3

Out of nowhere, makes Zwolle the aansluitingstreffer against Ajax. Vito’s by Crooij set to high for Mustafa Saymak, who is now known as binnenkopt. Goalkeeper Andre Onana’s too late for his purpose. The Locals feel themselves to sleep at night.the one-hour geleden61 Box to play with ten men and will be in trouble. Goalkeeper Andre Onana verkijkt is located in a high cross from the right wing, but Mustafa Saymak fails to comply with the second pillar of the aansluitingstreffer to the mix.the one-hour geleden60′ Edson Álvarez could not continue due to a bloody nose. As the caregiver for a list of signals to the outside.the one-hour geleden57′ Mustafa Saymak is given a yellow for an elbow to the address of Edson Álvarez, who is in the flying arm of Symak, a bloody nose has to show for it.the one-hour geleden55 Box seems to be on half-power, the game would play out. The Locals sit with their feet closer to the brake pedal than the gas pedal.A 2-hour geleden49′ Dusan Tadic is really good at the game and he’s here to see. In good shape, he would have this chance inside the penalty area to print, but he has a fight with the ball, and not to fire a shot.2 hrs ago –Kick-off! The ball is rolling again in the city of Zwolle. In the second half, PEC Zwolle and Ajax was to be resumed. Walk with the Locals further and further out of the laagvlieger?2 hours ago

Peace of mind! The rain is not only drops of it on the artificial turf in the city of Zwolle, but is also to score goals. Ajax’s lead with a 1-3 in THE two matches of the Quincy Promes and a goal from David Neres. That Hammer can deliver, on behalf of THE run for your life, with the 1-3 in the final of the first half. A black mark on the edge of the Ajax, and the loss of Lisandro Martinez, who injured his foot.A 2-hour geleden43′ Hakim Ziyech has, for the moment, on his hips, and then sends Vito van Crooij in the woods with a schijntrap. The ruler of THE slides are disappointed with his knees in the town of Zwolle in the grass.A 2-hour geleden38 Box looks unfocused after 1 through 3 of THE various that the home team logs in again, dangerous in the penalty area. Joel Veltman engages with an excellent interception of communications act effectively in it.2 hours ago

Since the day of the playful, Ajax, more alert, better, and became more artistic than the cost of the ACADEMY. That is, it is good to see that in the duel between David Neres, and THE goalkeeper Xavier Mous, as a starting point for the 0 to 3.2 hours ago –a 35′ GOAL, PEC Zwolle! 1-3

PEC Zwolle is doing what is in their own home. Edson Álvarez, and Joel Veltman to grab half the opstomende That Hammer of the scot to slide the ball past Ajax’s goalkeeper Andre Onana.A 2-hour geleden32 Box stands a chance on the risk for the 0-4. Donny van de Beek and shoot at the height of the strafschopstip a Zwolle defender. If there was, that was Ajax, is definitely the quartet is completed.2 hours ago

Half an hour passed in the MAC3PARK stadion and PEC Zwolle, is transformed into a ball of reigning champion Ajax amsterdam. The man with the Locals, which is 0 to 3, it is Quincy Promes. The attacker had been twice to the town of Zwolle are just bulbs. He completes a hat-trick in the last hour.A 2-hour geleden28′ First to switch to Ajax: Lisandro Martinez pulls a face at his pack, and returns to the next in Edson Álvarez.A 2-hour geleden26′ in less than half an hour’s play, Erik ten Hag to another. Edson Álvarez is getting ready to Lisandro He is to be replaced, after eight minutes of hard-on, his foot was hit by That Hammer.A 2-hour geleden25′ Reza Ghoochannejhad ‘ is all about at a free-kick, and the eretreffer for THE binnenkoppen, but he ends up on one foot on the goal line, which the Ajax keeper Andre Onana with the ball properly.A 2-hour geleden22’ Cynicism, makes himself master of the general public of THE city of Zwolle. The town of Zwolle in the supporters to applaud the goalkeeper Xavier Mous, as he was an easy pass, harmlessly, makes.2 hours ago –20′ GOAL, and Ajax. 0 to 3

Danger here here is a oorwassing for PEC Zwolle? Hakim Ziyech puts the ball in nicely for David Neres, which is to hit the ball with the foot controls, it Also Mous don’t miss to see and grab the ball to an empty target segments. Ajax are in a safe haven after the first twenty minutes of play.2 hours ago

In the run-up to the 0 to 1: Quincy Promes after six minutes of play, not an error for the empty purpose of THE Theatre.2 hours ago

Quincy Promes have all the more reason to dance a jig on the ice-skating rink into a theatre. With his two goals against PEC Zwolle vijzelt his production in the Premier league to eight matches. He did two for them.3 hours ago –11′ GOAL, and Ajax. 0 to 2

Ajax has doubled his lead in Zwolle, the netherlands. Hakim Ziyech is Quincy Promes with a cross, and in the end the headline in fine touch in the corner.3 hours geleden8′ That Hammer is going on in the society, very hard to Lisandro Martinez, and going to, on the receipt of the referee, Bjorn Kuipers.3 hours ago, the6′ GOAL, and Ajax. From 0 to 1

Ajax is great, the tie in Zwolle, the netherlands, and will early in advance. THE goalkeeper Xavier Mous will let in a weak shot by Noussair Mazraoui in the rebound, it is the Quincy Promes did the score to the opening of the Amsterdam top of the league.3 hours geleden4, ” here is the first one for the Year. Hakim Ziyech dribbles in the penalty area from THE inside and let in a tremendous cross and los in the direction of the second post, but there is no following his departure to chelsea has to be seen.3 hours ago theKick-off! The ball is in the MAC3PARK at the stadium. PEC Zwolle-Ajax amsterdam started.3 hours geledenDe mascots waving their blue-and-white flags and banners, the supporters of lifting themselves out of their seats singing and it sounds, from the frantic embrace of PEC Zwolle and Ajax amsterdam. The players and umpires are entering the wet turf in the city of Zwolle.3 hours ago –Ajax will kick in tonight’s matchday 12 of the Premier league with an away game against PEC Zwolle. The suffering of the people of Amsterdam tonight, loss of points, Zwolle, the netherlands?

  • Yes, and PEC Zwolle to win
  • Yes, it is a tie
  • No, Ajax will win

3 hours ago

Scarf, pair of gloves and pulled up socks: the jason’s for a list of clothing, against the town of Zwolle in the cold.3 hours ago

Box goes beyond the level of the Premier league’
“I think that the level of the Premier league to step outside, which you can see from the ease with which they play”, says THE coach, John Stegeman on FOX Sports in the lead-up to the duel with Ajax. “They will be able to have the gas pedal again and again, and the brake pedal is operated. I’ve got eleven names out of the hat produced. It is very important that you have a compact to play, but you have to not only run backwards, for even in the small amount of space to play football.”3 hours ago

At the Hag: ‘the Knife cuts on two sides
Ajax coach Erik ten Hag wants to be a part of FOX Sports, don’t complain about the artificial turf from the PEC Zwolle, which is very similar to that of an ice-skating rink. “We’ll have to do it here, it doesn’t matter what the circumstances. You have to adapt to this challenging field, the Hag, who, Noussair Mazraoui preferred over Sergiño Dest. “It’s a win-win situation for both parties. On the one hand, I want to Dest followed by a rest, while Mazraoui of an open impression, shows on the training.”3 hours ago

Noussair Mazraoui is a warm up for the game with PEC Zwolle. The play should be changed to work up a sweat to get to the town of Zwolle in the cold to fight off. The Moroccan international, even wearing gloves.Back to top

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