It Is the Flor Decleir, the world’s smartest man in the world?

It Is the Flor Decleir, the world's smartest man in the world?

It was a Wednesday night a lot of laughing during the “The Smartest Man In the World”. Members of the jury, James Cooke, and Gert Verhulst have carried out their own show as part of the programme, much to the delight of the candidates and the audience. Bart Raes was the newcomer of the evening, as he was not an easy thing for the success of the soprano Astrid, Seemingly, to stop it. They have managed, yet again, to more than 50% of the second major on the women compared to that of a newcomer, Bart Raes. Sebastien Dewaele took 213 seconds and a delay of up to 79 seconds for the finalespel is about to begin. The actor did, however, have more of the answers than the Raes, and could be due to the Second day of Pentecost,’ Raes, in his first appearance at home games.