Celebs go for a date: Diaz is on a drunk women

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In the new episode, Today, to Go on a Date to go five today, for the first time on a date.
Jarne, it is right upfront on the first date. “To get married, it is very important to us. I have ever had at a table and have sat down with my parents, grandparents, relatives, and friends. It should be a celebration, and I really need someone that wants to get married.”
It is the patience of the Pommeline of its date, it is immediately put to the test when she’s one and a half hour later to arrive. However, you have to have something to talk about with a star on the edge of going. All of one of luck, he solves it quickly and with some humor, “I’ve been to three liters of water or so, don’t worry.”
“I like to think that we are at the particular moments with each other, the lock had been. However, I do not have to be fast to admit it, I’m hard to get,” says Pommeline.
Pommeline, and Jarne car later in the episode, even on a blind date and matched with our 2 experts will affect her and Jack.
And Diaz is on his first date and all, “girl, you’re 29 years old. I’m not here to make pancakes.”