The to and Health to store the tent in Norway

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“What I have for Norway and know what to do? That is so good you can eat it. The Scandinavian cuisine has been in the last few years a tremendous rise. She is very honest and is going to get back to the basics.” That is the start of The Herman and his trip to The far North, and in episode 4 of The & Health: out Of the Map. The only European destination in the culinary world. The & Success to attract the wildlife and also to return to the essence of the camp and the experiments. A sauce made of rotten wood “is a very old clam”.

In the wild, and the wild Norwegian landscapes for the adventurous Tourist, a breath of fresh air, but for The completely out of his comfort zone. Just like setting up a tent. “People ask if we are in their backyard, a tent may be set? In the past, I would still prefer to have a finger in is truncated to have something to do. However, I have spent the whole day at work thought of it. And then, I think, stommerik, why did you never done it before,” he said. The typical Norwegian sauna is available for The getting used to it. “I have had a home, never do so. I stand up for more than 30 years in the steam and the heat to poaching.”