Those who cracked The Code of the Av?

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What happens when you have two companies-a couple of mysteries to send? Who is find the fastest way to the nearest exit? The tension, the emotion, the humour, the adventure, the experience, and finally, to be a winner. In each episode of ” The Code of the Av will have a completely new room to be built, a new arena, Staff, and Mathias Coppens, four well-known guests are immersed in a world that is full of science experiments.

Each correctly performed trial, or the assignment of a note and will bring the duo one step closer to the solution. Those who had escaped the first for a nuclear power plant meltdown? Anyone who manages to get the diamonds ring is a closely guarded bank vault to steal it? Or for whom the flight is the fastest way out of the horrorhuis? In front of Staff, guiding and steering the well-known duo. They have to think about is the taste, and to help with their well-known colleagues in their quest to find out.

Some of these experiments in the studio, along with a huisexpert, Lieven Scheire explains gedaan.De today, the need to have a sufficient cool-headedness, courage, perseverance, and understanding in order to be successful in their mission. And if that doesn’t work, there’s a good deal of ‘trial & error’ for the problem. The two couples will be the two brothers met as they leave the room. At that time, to learn them also, who’s the fastest way to the nearest exit was.