Swoop is looking forward to a great novembermaand

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Swoop with “Let the wind blow”, a new single will be launched, in the well-known style, as we know them. This single is available as stream and download available from m.a. on iTunes and Spotify.

The song is a fun taste of what is going on in november, is about to take place. So, for example, on Wednesday the 13th of november, the new Swoop-album, ‘Bal Masqué’ is pictured in a fancy dress shop Veurne (Berchemweg 29), which is one of their longstanding partners. Anyone can participate in this exclusive event. At 13.30 you will open your doors to the public. Half an hour later, starting with the exclusive presentation of the new album, ‘Bal Masqué’. Starting at 14.30, you will have the opportunity to be with the lead singer, Filip D Haeze, and the four-Swoop-girls-Eva De Waelle, Andrea Van Wettere, Yenna De Merlier, and Joyce Bergmans), click on the photo to go on.