Marco, He is angry at the magazine

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A few weeks ago, it was unveiled in the Dutch magazine Privé, the love affair of which Marco Borsato is a Dutch pianist Iris Hond has been. The magazine said that the affair began a decade ago, and it wasn’t that long ago, and it was finished. Friday night and told the singer, for the first time, and in the presence of his wife, Leontine – the story of the Dutch talk show, ‘Beautiful’.

The weekly, one week in the news has been published for the management of the Marco Borsato be contacted. Because it’s about something in your private life went on, he and Marco actually don’t respond to it. But, as the story is, in part, however, where it was decided, Marco, to respond to it. Unfortunately, the used, the magazine is just a part of the official announcement, something that Marco Borsaot describes it as ‘not nice’, and they came to certain things differently than they have in Private, have been printed. As prevention is often better to be safe than sorry, and set, Marco Borsato, his reaction to the story and are integral to its social media accounts.

The singer admitted that his marriage to a deep valley, and was gone. “We’ve never been under the table, or the banks put bankruptcy at the time, not just in business, but also a heavy burden on our seats”. However, the singer admits to not always be true, to have been. “At that time, was already some ten years ago, it was a friendship that went beyond what I had anticipated. In this situation, however, was very short-lived”, emphasized Marco Borsato. In the weekly newspaper, Privately they are convinced that Marco and He were to commit adultery, only a month ago, his wife, and has no, and that his love affair for 7 years.