Kinepolis is allowed in their own country, to expand

e355603f9b4954542d74bf4de44b583d - Kinepolis is allowed in their own country, to expand

The Court of Appeal of Brussels, decision of the Belgian competition Authority (BMA) on march 25, 2019, destroyed, and ruled to the cancellation of the condition for which the Kinepolis way to organically grow them in Belgium. This means that Kinepolis no prior permission is required from the BMA for a new multi-room to open its domestic market. The Court did not take a position on an appropriate transition period, and, as far as this point is, that the matter be referred to the BMA.

This decision is part of a long-standing procedure in which Kinepolis’s a level playing field, which have been imposed at the time of the merger between the groups Bert and Claeys, in 1997, wanted to get out. On april 26, 2018 and have had the Mededingingscollege have already decided to get the prior authorization for the setting up of new cinemas, to be lifted, subject to a transitional period of two years, and was respected for that (which would end on the 26th of april, 2020). This decision, however, was overturned by the Court of Appeal of Brussels, belgium, for procedural reasons, with the result that the whole process had to be repeated.