James Cooke, the first guest in The House

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Because he had the feeling that everyone is about everything, and James Cooke, all of it would know it was Eric Goens, not sure if the episode with James, but to be a success it would be. The director / producer took a risk and did not regret it. As Goens was so impressed, he decided to turn to the episode of ” James and the first to broadcast it. On Wednesday, it is so far, Flanders has James down to the finest detail: be vulnerable, honest, and funny. And once we get to the bedgeheimen of James Cooke to be seen and to be heard. What was the great sorrow with which James already has a few years of struggling?

Eric Goens, stops at the Café to Welcome and meet the first guest, mr. James Cooke. He will make the jump-in-‘t-field, blindfolded, to a spot on the edge of the forest, in a quiet 24 hours at the very least, if it were possible, with James Cooke. Captain Cooke, is today’s, lord and master of the boat, or on the shelves of the show is 40-45. But a long time ago, and began his career in the theatre ‘Neon,’ in Ghent, belgium. In the TV room and confronts Eric, and James, with the images of the first performance.
“I’m just in a state of shock. Where did you have those pictures on there? What an embarrassment. Is it on tv?”

James’s teenage years gave him a deep level. The divorce of his parents, and his quest for his own identity, being bullied in school, and homosexuality is… After the divorce, James resolved to get to his mother’s to live, its heroine, with whom he could share it. For five years, even to his heroine, his mom, not the teen. Five rough and unruly for years. “That’s when I knew, no bounds. For me, now, everything is ‘in’.” But James, with all his limits in the kitchen. It will be a frugal lunch.