Ianthe Tavernier will leave ‘ Dancing With The Stars.

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That is The Verhulst-after, fewer points can lead to weight loss during the sixth episode of ‘Dancing With The Stars”, and there it was, the audience at the AED Studio’s sure of it. But once again, it was to be the son of Gert Verhulst – to the detriment of Ianthe Tavernier – saved by the television-watching Flanders, belgium.

Along with Kelly, Pfaff, Julie Vermeire, and Jack Kazaltzis we will see In the next week in the semi-finals of the dance. “I’m glad I got the semi-final, can it?” beams The. This extra week is more than welcome to do so, though it grows from The awareness that in the next week, once the game is over for me. “I also have two of dance practice, that is, it will not be easy. On the other hand, I have been the past few weeks has grown a lot, and I want to be the people who voted for me will not be disappointed”.