Family-the actor, Yanni Specialities to tempt the princess

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Yanni Area, has the honor to get to be a princess is to seduce her, or at least in the musical ” The princess and the toverspiegel. The all-new production of ‘Music Hall’ tells the tale of the Princess and Myself. Its a special mirror to show her future. But how can they predict the future, and the mirror disappeared? And that’s just on the day of her prospective prince should be. To find the wizard who can help!

Gene Thomas, will help in his role as rockin ‘ the sorcerer is not only interesting, but also gives the performance of a musical twist. Who is at the heart of the princess… and all princesses in the hall is harder to beat, it is a Family-actor-Yanni Area. In his role as a druivenplukker to show that he was on the stage, completely at home. The pinnacle for the quick-witted humor, and the kinderamusement was also seen at this time, the duo of the West-Flemish rabbits: Whoppie (Charline Catrysse and Floppie (Michael Zanders).