Eric is Right, go the nostalgic route

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Eric is Right does not need any kind of introduction. This work of art, the chameleon has in his illustrious career, a lot of musical gems delivered to you. His new album ‘be Slowly’, which is on the 25th of October, to come out, it is once again a resounding accomplishment, with a nostalgic, down!

“It’s no secret that I’m a fan of the French song,” cross the ever-lovable Eric is Right on the shore. “The combination of French classics and has been for many artists an inexhaustible source. After my single, ” You Are The Sun, I was looking forward to a nostalgic song, and in that search, I ended up in the ‘Reviens’ by the French chansonnier, Hervé Vilard.”

Hervé Vilard took the ‘Reviens’ in the 1980’s, and contrary to what many people think, it is the number of the original document is in his hand. Vilard was the mustard, and the Italian singer Toto Cotugno, for whom the song ‘l cielo è sempre un po’ più blu ” is a modest hit. Completely different from how it has been Vilards version of the song.

‘Reviens’, it was one hell of a hit, not only in France but also in Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Germany. “The song reflects the nostalgia of the ’80s,” explains Eric, Right. “What’s more, it is a standard in French music, and it fits the song very well with my voice-timbre. I asked Jo With The Banjo for an English text to write, and not too long after, he sent me a “Slow” round. Producer is Phil, He joined in the studio are the “magic touch” on the issue. The result is a single, where I am 200% behind the stand,” concludes Eric is Right.