The Luchtpolitie in the wake of the Home

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The stark images of the ‘yellow shirts’-class were the last couple of months is not the way to think about it from the newspapers and news broadcasts. On Monday, the 21st of October, The Luchtpolitie’s going on on the ground, the helicopter pilot, Dirk, and Tactical Flight Officer (PHD), Koen. Their assistance is called in when a protest rally of yellow-shirts are in Brussels, belgium. The voltages are running at, and it is not yet clear when the situation erupts and the cops and the people in the battle is going.

“With such demonstrations, we are still little more closely,” says PHD, Koen. “As for the “hard core” is branch of the mass and in the direction of the heart fails, it is more likely to be citizens, to get involved.” That’s exactly what the president is likely to occur when a group is in the direction of Major Market moves.

The Luchtpolitie zoom in on an escort of a few of the heads of state. During the course of their visit to our country, they need to be protected during their travel. While a full guide to the luchtpolitie the stages of the Macron, angela Merkel, and September. When air force One is landing at Zaventem airport continues to be the luchtpolitie
standing up He and his column was caught.

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