Koen Crucke surprised, and husband renew vows!

e795228b3acd7542ba3d49847746577b - Koen Crucke surprised, and husband renew vows!

The audience of family, friends, and especially his wife, Jan Gheysens, not knowing what to them is what happened, when, Koen Crucke, after the end of the zondagmiddagvoorstelling of ” La Cage Aux Folles’- and suddenly, on the stage and appeared in a stunning wedding dress. For john, it was a complete surprise, but he answered promptly, “yes,” when Carl asked him if he was in their vows, wanted to renew. “We have 15 years of marriage, and tomorrow it will be 50 years since, we have for each other, and our relationship began. Jan wanted to be sober to celebrate, but I wanted to use it in a special way, in white and with a veil. My husband knew nothing about it. To our friends, family, and the theatercast have it still be able to keep up, so the surprise is serious to him and walked through the door. I noticed right away that his heart had been touched. We have a lot of water been through, but, Jan, have been my help and support. After the end of the premiere, he handed me a sat morning have a beautiful bouquet of white roses. I was full of gratitude that I have someone in my life each and every day to share. Let me tell you, in the past few weeks it has been stressful and intense, because all my energy was invested as I was in the ‘Zaza’. The critical comments of “La Cage Aux Folles,” you’ll be doing me a big favor, because this is a piece that I did, indeed, my soul has been laid,” said Koen Crucke.