Gunther Verspecht was in the Stash kotsbeu

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Gunther Verspecht retrieve the Stash from the fabric. Fifteen years after the monsterhit Sadness, and for ten years after their last studio album, he is now with the Wolfman, with a new album on the market. After the sudden death of his father, as his girlfriend, Lena, so called, bring Gunther Verspecht, ten new songs, which you by the throat and will grab it because it’s so personal. However, does She need to insist to get the Stash back to life, because Gunther Verspecht was in the Stash kotsbeu.

Gunther Verspecht was in the course of the success of a Stash, after all, in the sense that he’s a character created, had become. “I started to act,” testifies to A at All. Thus, while shopping for the clothes that he was at the gig, was in charge of. “In a stage outfit, go to the grocery store… Then you are not doing a good job of it,” says the singer. When he found himself on a tv set saw, and recognized, and he himself is hardly to be seen. “And with that, I was kotsbeu,” says Gunther Verspecht, in the magazine.