Sportoase and a with Sonja Kimpen-invest, together, in your health

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In fact, one in two Belgians are overweight, and just short of 16% is obese. According to a recent study conducted by Sciensano, the institute for public health. This should be reason enough for Sportoase to its responsibility as a market leader in the area of operation of the swimming pool and the sportinfrastructuurcentra to take it.
Sportoase is, therefore, together with the gezondheidscoach with Sonja Kimpen a more intense co-operation with people in a pleasant, humorous, but strong and grounded way to help you to live a healthier life. Today, the number of smokers and the number of alcohol users for more than 15 years, becoming further and further away. The number of people that will, however, also point out the importance of a healthy diet, coupled with exercise more correct estimate, it remains amazingly small.
Sportoase and her friends invite you, therefore, like to be on the 24th of October all of the people in a motivational speech given by Sonja Kimpen. You don’t expect it to be a heavy, boring clinic, but in need of a high-energy talk that it is intended for people of all ages and groups. And this is with only one goal: to convince people that you are in a fun way, energetic, and healthy through life without having a heavy need to diet or obsessive about working out.
Sportoase and a with Sonja Kimpen therefore invite everyone to be happy with this motivational speech on Thursday, 24 October, to continue for 20 h at Sportoase Philipssite, Leuven, belgium). Sportoase members do not have to pay for it, and for non-members the price is € 15 per person.