It’s here: the all-new Am, for Red Nose Day

0fd523850c9053fafa4f0d9ffe03dba8 - It's here: the all-new Am, for Red Nose Day

You read that right. All the Latest News gets the legendary Flemish single ‘Yeah’ back. “And for that, readers, is through the roof, go on: we’ll do this one more time. A single release for Red Nose Day,” says editor-in-chief: Frederik De Swaef. “The issue is, however, a Joepienummer lover. The combination of DNA from the past Yeah, and that thing about young people by young people to talk about”. And that is precisely one of the goals of Red Nose Day. This Red Nose Day, Am going to, for example, about bullying, about autismestoornissen and young people to make their body.

The 4 years of the magazine of the Flemish boekskestoneel, disappeared, grace, Sean D’hondt and John Destadsbader of the cover. In the magazine, you will find posters of the stars of today, They Eilish), and this is Koen Wauters in the 1996).