Tim Van Aelst teaches young people to meditate

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“The Stress? yes, for an exam, but it will also have a photo of it on social media, that’s enough”, a quote from a student on the playground, the Red-Nosed School, Cardinal van Roey Institute, Vorselaar. The same student listening to a couple of friends at school, even with your eyes closed with headphones to a meditation session, said that What If?! actor Nico Sturm. Up until BAM!!!, the cast of “Safety First, literally, through a wall, a cork, and the rock song ‘That’s’meditation’ is starting to “sing” (with a nod and a wink to the “Dedication,” where Rolls, Ingrid, Dirk, Luc, it is often in the range of about one).

Safety First-as well as meditation? Huh??? And, isn’t it. The director, Tim Van Aelst (of Safety First, What If?! And What shall I say?) it has as a mission to get as many youngsters as possible to experience meditation is through a free, That’s a meditation podcast’. “I have my own 6 years ago, meditation was discovered,” says Van Aelst, “I have found It amazingly helped to get it under control, I get stronger and feel better. I’m sure a lot of young people are also ‘better’ can be, thanks to meditation. Fitness for your body, it is so widespread, but the fitness of your brain to find a lot of people are very strange, free-floating, just before flying to the dagger. Try it and you will see that there is nothing paranormaals to it, but that it is still in your mind and in your life.” According to the la times has a meditation practice has nothing to do with religion, and it is intended to serve as a complement to the existing, mainstream medical treatments.

Actor Nico Sturm has audio of the 8-week podcast with the meditation exercises, spoken to, because he, too, is the positive effects of meditation on the first-hand experience. “I was, like many people today, a little bit reckless in existence, so I can strip-mine did it on my own body and my rest… and so it came to mindfulness and meditation in my life. Through meditation, I will take more time for myself. That’s what makes me, literally and figuratively, more room; it’s like a soft blanket which I used as a child under the hid for a moment to be alone.”, acknowledge, Nico Sturm.

No less a person than the director and coach, Tom, And wrote the text for this podcast. He’s been around since 1996, and is an avid practitioner of meditation, and was followed by more than twenty years of zen training, and it fits well with his or her own work. He also wrote a set of six books, including: Zen, or the rabbit in the brain, “”A little meditatiegids,” and “Living in the here and now’.

You may be starting from 14 October to 6 files per week, in order to calm down. “Six, indeed! On Saturday, there will be no Podcast,” laughs Tim, From the la times, “ they’re young, right? The day after that with a very, very, very different things than in meditating, and that’s fine. Call it a meditatierustdag.” The podcast is intended to be an introduction to meditation. After 8 weeks, you will feel the results of it are really good. “The podcast is the first, low-threshold, easy, and fun,” says Tim Van Aelst said, “After eight weeks, listeners of the podcast are on your own to meditate, or to seek any other form of meditation in their lives to adapt to it.”