Luk Alloo wanted to own a tv station to boot

b3938e7e8a15e38af18866a2979c1749 - Luk Alloo wanted to own a tv station to boot

Luk Alloo, had serious plans for its own tv channel to boot. We will return to do this, go back to 1998, when Now, along with some of the young people with a dossier of this submission by eric van Rompuy, who was prime minister from the media. Luk Alloo said, in The Interest of the province of Limburg, that for months, they worked out to be a zenderlicentie to achieve this. Unfortunately, he was one not for some reason, and that is the famous tv maker, is still high. Just make sure got Kanaaltwee and VT4, which is now known as the Q2), and a FOUR-or a green light. A bunch of young and ambitious tv writers were given the cover at the tip of your nose. “We really wanted to go to the little one next to the other ones,” says Alloo at the moment. When the Stars and the Comets were, they decided to TV6 as a label, and that it was a deliberate choice.

(Nico Vanaken)