Kinepolis completes acquisition of American bioscoopgroep MJR off

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The Kinepolis Group has completed the acquisition of the American bioscoopgroep MJR Digital Cinemas is completed. In the beginning of last month, it announced that the Kinepolis in an agreement to be reached on the acquisition of the Michigan-based MJR, but the acquisition is still subject to the approval by the Us regulatory authorities. This endorsement is the case, it could be the Kinepolis in the handover procedure successfully completed.

MJR Digital Cinemas, a privately-held company with corporate headquarters in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, has 10 multiplex cinemas with a total of 164 screens, and more than 20,000 seats, all of them located in Michigan. All member theatres are multi – and megaplexen, with a capacity ranging between 10 and 20 meeting rooms. Of the 10 movie theaters, delivered in 2018, with 6.2 million visitors and revenues of 81.2 million dollars.

Seven of the affected theaters are the property of (114 screens) – three of which are on a plot of land in a ground lease, and the remaining three are in rented buildings (about 50 screens). The group is composed of three megaplexen with each of the 20 meeting rooms, five theaters, with 16 rooms, one with 14 meeting rooms and 10 conference rooms. All the rooms are equipped with a 5.1 digital surround-sound and two of the buildings have an EPIC experience auditorium, which, with 4K projection and is combined with the Dolby Atmos sound. Almost all of the movie theaters have been equipped with the ‘recliner’ zetelconcept, motorised, fully collapsible seats with a foot rest which is also in Canada and was very successful.