Jack Gillis fulfill heart’s desire of the 81-year-old Victorine

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The week could not have been better to start with the 81-year-old Victorine from. They experienced Monday afternoon, a new high point in her life: Jack Gillis was specially made for her performance. The S-plus performs to be more of the heart’s Desire of the old people, but this time it was Victorine’s turn. It turns out to be a very special relationship with His Charlie. Which is a 32-year-ago, and long before there was Romeo.

Victorine can still remember, vividly, the appearance of Jack Gillis, in her cafe ‘world of Sport’ in Rillaar. Second, when an 11-year-old was practicing with his father and uncle. Victorine saw that this young lad, one of the great Flemish poet was. 32 Years later, His his performance has to Victorine and her husband, Phille.

An intimate performance of His Charlie. It was the desire of the Victorine Govaerts (81) and her husband, Phille Van Horebeek (83). These are 2 of the brave including a sprinkling or two of living in Tielt, in a cozy apartment. Cafe ‘world of Sport’ is now no more. But in the Second they wished, however, still be like to have a look. They invited the senior citizens from the neighborhood, giving a Tour société Générale. It was a celebration in the City of Tielt-Winge), a party that will not discuss it.