It’s Tuesday, and the latest addition to The world’s Smartest Man In the World

It's Tuesday, and the latest addition to The world's Smartest Man In the World

The first fall of the season, 17 of The best In the World, it is well-known. Who is the first entrant? Don’t worry, this guy has had the honour to be Tuesday night into the left-hand seat of the candidates to take their place. He’s brilliant in The Day, and Bevergem, one of the best series of the last couple of years. In the past, and played for his brother Chokri, also have The world’s Smartest Man, but he’s only had one episode to be full. The familierecord break needs to be a feasible option for Zouzou Ben Chikha. He will be playing soon, one of the judges in The, twelve, is a new television series about a assisenproces. But this time, he was, however, in the opinion of the jury, and The Smartest Person In the World to have to endure.