Fiction series – ‘The twelve,’ around the world

Fiction series - 'The twelve,' around the world

In Cannes, france, has just launched MIPCOM, the biggest televisiebeurs world, has already begun. The international distributor of the Federation of Entertainment continues to be The twelve apostles, in the new fiction series from this casino before, in the window, but in the meantime, the television rights worldwide have been sold out. This will be the series to be shown in Australia, New Zealand, Spain, and France.

Last week, at CONNeXT, in Ghent, has announced the fictieplatform Walter Presents the UK’, a collaboration with the Uk’s Channel 4) that they have the rights to The twelve, were established in the United Kingdom.

It is unique in that it is a series that will be sold on a variety of platforms, and broadcasters in different parts of the world, instead of only one party to a global show. And there is only a 1-minute series was broadcast.

Of the twelve, is a modern-day sequence that revolves around a volksjury in belgium assisenproces. The twelve citizens to serve as jurors on a notorious murder case. They will have to decide on the guilt or innocence of a well-respected principal who has been accused of two murders. In the process, turns out to not be the only factor in determining the fate of the accused. The lives of the members of the jury will take a whole new turn of events.