Everyone is famous in category “Homo universalis” to the Netherlands

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Good news is the most popular spelrubriek of Flanders, the ‘Homo universalis’ of the One program that Everyone is famous, will be a remake in the Netherlands. There is not a section in a program, but it will be a full-blown program of The device on a stand. The all-rounder you will be, in prime time, is broadcast on Dutch television SBS6, from the 27th of december. Other countries, such as Australia, New Zealand, Germany, and The United States of america and Norway, all of the names, meanwhile, also has an option to format, and check to see whether they can make it.

Dorien Laseure of Content partnerships, VRT, tells us: “it is Very gratifying to see that a section of such a successful and busy looking at the program as if Everyone is famous, that together with the company, The Chinese people to make up for Flanders, and is now a given in the Netherlands. And who knows, perhaps later on in other countries as well. As a public service broadcaster, we have invested in, together with the Flemish manufacturing industry, there has been a lot of time in the order of the Flemish creativity international to continue on the map. Abroad, the original and the expertise to clear it! It will also mean good news for the local creative sector, as the revenue from the VRT out of the agreement with the Netherlands, to remember, to be re-invested in the creativity of our country.”