Eva Pauwels supportert Julie Vermeire

d8d5981ca298dd3887551b383fa2728a - Eva Pauwels supportert Julie Vermeire

Julie Vermeire, ran on Sunday about the clouds in the backstage of “Dancing With The Star’s. Not only is her mother, Eva Pauwels was on the guest list, but also the grandparents, the growth would have to be present. Julie is brought in for the dance, with I as a tribute to her parents, she was always there for her through it.

The daughter, Eva Pauwels and Jacques Vermeire line on the dance floor, and was very happy with the comments of the jury was present. But, more importantly, in the presence of her mother and her grandparents. It was, for Julie, for the first time that one of her parents is in the room available. “I’m obviously very proud of”, after Eva Pauwels. “Little girls grow up, and it was really wonderful to see Julie, to see you shine on the dance floor.”