Actress Daisy Squad on the pitch

eb399acc47365728d231f92f49677629 - Actress Daisy Squad on the pitch

Bad luck for the musicalactrice Daisy Squad, they have the glitter is currently in La Cage Aux Folles, or that it would, at least, it should. Wednesday is going to be the piece in premiere, prior to this, there are always a few try-outs will be played. During one of these try-outs was a mistake. “You should all try out,” laughs Daisy, Squad a couple of hours after the strength of the set being tested for. The setting is solid….check out… poezelig nose on the other hand….”. Daisy Squad, came on as a less fun way to get in touch with the scene and was taken to the emergency room of a hospital can be. There, she was cared for and fucked. There are many stitches you need to, the doctor also suggested a oogvliesbeschadiging be fixed. The end of the story of the Daisy and Squad of La Cage Aux Folles? Yes. “I’ll get a set, even not a little one. On Wednesday, I am there, I and in the eva suit if needed….”, smiling, Daisy, under the name of ” The show must go on”.