A pregnancy is also very bad news for Nathalie Meskens

fc0777f3f81b2d748e475f9c06139a59 - A pregnancy is also very bad news for Nathalie Meskens

Monday morning, told Nathalie Meskens on social media with the message that she was pregnant, and by 2020, for the first time, mommy is going to be. Right away it got Very mass of congratulations be sent to you. Natalia, Geena Lisa, Eva Daeleman, Sasha Rosen, Tatyana Beloy, New Levels, Bab Buelens, and so many others to share in the joy of Nathalie Meskens, and her partner.

However, the birth of Nathalie Meskens, it means the end of the “Beat the VTM’s”story. It normally would be, Nathalie Meskens go to cheer-leading, but because of that it is the dream of Olga Leyers were exchanged, both girls. She wanted to breath hold diving, is that you can no longer. Its a diving doctor, Roland Vanden Eede was up to the actress and the tv presenter to know which dive further, her unborn baby, could pose a danger. Especially the dive at a certain depth, it would be life-threatening. “The risk is that nitrogen is lost and the bubbles may be in the placenta, which can end up in. This could be the fetus is damaged, be able to get in, and that’s absolutely ‘not done’.”

And so it had to be, Nathalie Meskens, with a fear of heart to the authors of “Beat the VTM,” tell them that they are no longer on the program will be able to participate in it. Also, Natalia is pregnant, because she has a test with a game of billiards, it is, however, just continue to work out. Natalia may be that of a home, they have recently made-namely, a pool table in your home. In the VTM’s, they should now be on the lookout for a candidate to take the test, Nathalie Meskens, until the end.