Waes gets to its mission

4720dba284b1fe79aacce49aa3d57d45 - Waes gets to its mission

Tom Waes has a Sunday “By ” Vlaeminck” in a Studio in Brussels to respond to the hoopla, which last week emerged as the Waas model to the train tracks. Tom Waes is denying the facts, but the photo was taken in Norway, taken on a railroad, where one train per hour passes by, and then at a speed of 5 miles per hour. Its mission is not amused with the pictures, they were just a month’s time to take action against spoorlopen. Waes can understand the criticism, but he doesn’t understand that its mission is not first time with him, contact us. He had the clothing retailer ZEB, with a lot of pleasure to be asked to take the relevant photos from the campaign to pick it up. According to the Waas switched its mission to the media in hopes that their campaign will gain more in the picture, it would come out.
Almost two years ago, Karen Damen is also a time, a scapegoat and, just this weekend, well by Matthias Schoenaerts, the photos on the train tracks, was published.