The Tv world is in mourning after the death of Jan Vandermotte

35cad872d59b0b4f8385dadf80f616be - The Tv world is in mourning after the death of Jan Vandermotte

This past Saturday, Jan Vandermotte death, as the only people in the industry, what to say. But he has so much to offer, and to me it means, John, was a director of many television programs and has a record of where a lot of people are jealous of it. For a complete list of the programs with which he is involved, it is a hopeless case, he had to put a list of them?

Self-taught, and we Dec in the filming of Fata Morgana, it is a program of the Geena Lisa and Sergio. However, Jan also worked with, among others, DNA Only, with Caviar, With Plum Tv in The World, a Report, Quisquater, and The Buurtpolitie, Lost, In, The, Mix, house-hunting, ….

Johan Tuyaerts, one of the co-founders of the company, the Sultan Susha, had the honor to make with the Dec, along with the work. “Any bad news, and any opposition was there for the day, and then hopefully, ” but it is now going to be a lot better. Because if it was you, John, to be the most positive, honest, and empathetic director that I know of. You could have it immediately at his ease, and of a very nervous dralende official, adrenaline-sleek as a professional athlete, to a screaming crowd of 5,000 enthusiastic villagers in Kaprijke, while your loved one is Mirage. I never saw you, and you hear the voice of the lift, and never did I see any hint of arrogance or ego in you is discovered. That was so very much loved by the generations of young television producers, who, because of your support and patience, it could turn out to be top-flight talent. Even in the most stressful of circumstances kept you cool,” writes Johan on Sunday, on Facebook.