The Luchtpolitie run out of fuel?

f1f7272c0edb6d07bc66cc7f33a4747a - The Luchtpolitie run out of fuel?

On Monday, the 14th of October, The Luchtpolitie-for-hot-fire-to-face. Both literally and figuratively. If the pilot, after the intervention in the Antwerp, on their way to Brussels to have their fuel fill up, they get an emergency call for a car chase in the French. They have to be fast to work with, because they can have a maximum of 20 minutes in the air and stay there. The pilot is operating at its limit, and it may have forced earlier than anticipated.

The RAGO team is also called upon to provide assistance during a serious fire at a house in the center of Brussels. Thanks to the camera allows the pilot out of the air, to see where the hot spots will be found exactly there. The brand is expanding very quickly to the adjoining buildings, which is on the roof dangerously close to the fire to go. As a life-threatening situation.

The pilots are given a call of a stolen vehicle from the united kingdom. Upon arrival, they see that the vehicle is in a ditch, and is gone, but it’s not suspicious to be seen. The pilots are looking at the proximity of the forest and their evaluation, but they may find the suspect with this many trees?